Recent Daisy Dam Cover Installations and Feedback

We’ve been very busy with Daisy Dam Covers recently!

This one was installed onto a Turkey Nest Dam in Regans Ford, just outside of Perth, WA:


All the owner wanted to do was stop evaporation as the winds rip the water right out of the dam. The total blockout of the Dam Cover was a bonus benefit to help reduce algae growth.

This customer is looking forward to saving water from now on.

Below is another installation we did a little while ago, but the customer has been so happy they have ordered more covers for their water tanks, and recommended Daisy Dam Covers to other graziers!

“We are very happy with the tank covers. They were so easy to install and are working  well. We haven’t had to cut any holes in the covers to allow the water flow into the tanks and the water seems to run off and the cover stays afloat. They are working very well and certainly clearing all of the slime and algae out of our tanks. We have had great success with your covers, and have spread the word about these Dam Covers to other graziers!”



Take a look at our Dam Covers here.