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Below Ground Pool Rollers

Cleverly concealed below ground pool rollers

Daisy’s below ground pool rollers are perfect for those wanting to conceal their pool cover and roller from view! Our below ground pool rollers can be concealed underground for a seamless, tidy look around your pool area while also protecting your pool cover for maximum longevity. With a number of stylish, slimline designs to choose from, our range of below ground pool rollers are suitable for any modern pool area and will add value to your home. Shop our range today!

Daisy quality

Why Daisy

The original Daisy pool covers and rollers continue to be Australia’s favourite brand for all of your cover and roller needs for over 39 years. We offer Australia’s largest range of designs using only the highest quality materials, formulated to protect your pool all year round.

At Daisy, we stand behind our products and service with an impressive 10 year warranty on our 525 solar cover range, because we understand, listen and deliver customised solutions to what our customers really need.

Daisy Pool Covers have built our brand on quality and trust. We take pride in the extensive research and development that has gone into creating our award-winning, innovative UltraDome technology solar pool covers.

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Below Ground Pool Rollers FAQs

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Thank you for always supplying us with your best people for the job

Hi Daisy. Would just like to take the opportunity to tell you about the training I received from Shannon. He is very clear and precise when explaining and another fellow staff member was so happy to have had one on one training as she had never been shown how to work out and quote on a pool cover before and has been working here for 12yrs.

Thank you for always supplying us with your best people for the job

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NSW Based Daisy Expert

Committed to Quality

Daisy Pool Covers only offer energy and water efficient products so our customers can enjoy their pools for longer.

SPASA Australia Daisy Quality Smart Approved Watermark PASCAA Climate Care Certificate
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