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The 2022/23 Daisy Yearbook is now available!

Dear Daisy Business Partners,

The 2022/23 Year Book is now available! Download a copy here.

This season, you’ll notice that we’ve increased the RRP for our catalogue of products. We’ve made these changes to ensure that you continue to enjoy great benefits from selling Daisy products.

We’re here to help you sell more, so you can make more!

With a higher RRP on our products, your margins will remain the same. In fact, since you’ll be receiving the same percentage on a larger price, you could actually make even more profit – just one simple conversation could make you $850!

Plus, we’re continuing to add value for our customers.

Recently, we partnered with 4Recycling to launch a new pilot program to recycle end-of-life pool covers in WA. The program delivers on our commitment to improving sustainability within the pool industry and it has already delivered excellent results, diverting large volumes of old, worn out pool covers away from landfill. The program is open to councils, residential pool owners and all of our customers within the pool industry.

Freight costs have risen steeply and the price of key raw materials has gone up substantially. As a result, the cost to manufacture our products in Australia has increased.

We have outlined some changes below.

Pool Covers

  • 15.4% increase on Solar Covers 

  • 10% increase on Thermotec 

  • 8.5% increase on the Daisy WinterKleen range

Pool Rollers

  • Domestic roller have increased by 7.5% due to aluminium prices

  • 7.5% increase on Daisy Power range

  • 12% increase on Daisy Under Bench Rollers

  • 11.5% increase on Daisy Below Ground Box and Deck Mount Roller products

To prevent margins from shrinking with inflation and rising costs, we’ve adjusted our pricing to reflect current market conditions.

If you have any questions about our Annual Price Book or the recycling program, please get in touch – the Daisy team is always here to help!

Kind regards,

Derek Prince
Managing Director

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The guy you sent out is bloody brilliant

Our blanket was installed on Wednesday and the guy you sent out is bloody brilliant. Even Brad has said its the best installation he’s seen and exactly why we use you, beautifully done. Thanks very much.

Have a great weekend, our pools already at 29 so I know what we will be doing 😉

Liz - Pooltopia

Walliston WA

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