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Recent Autumn Installs

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Our Daisy Experts have been on the move, installing pool covers and rollers far and wide. From backyard pools to expansive commercial projects, our recent projects encompass the full spectrum of pool installations. 

Check out our latest work below!

Dam Cover installed in Merredin, WA

Merredin Dam Cover Installation

You may remember from our February install article that Daisy travelled to the WA Wheatbelt town of Merredin to install dam covers onto the Merredin No. 4 Dam for the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation for the Merredin Shire.  The dam cover was initially ordered to match the dimensions of the entire dam, which measured 65m x 90m. Our dam covers are manufactured in smaller sizes for ease of transport and handling on-site, so our journey began with us making and loading 17 dam covers, each measuring 64m x 5.24m. During deployment, these smaller covers can then be tethered together to make large dam cover islands. However, when we got to the site to complete this installation, we found that the water level in the dam had dropped so much that we could only install 4 (of the original 17 covers) in a one-module system measuring approximately 65m x 21m.

Like many other regions in this country, this area of WA suffers from water challenges, so the Shire was keen to get as many covers on dams as possible. 

After Daisy deployed the first module and left the site, Merredin Shire transferred enough water from another dam into the Merredin No.4 dam. This enabled us to deploy 4 more covers to make a second 65m x 21m module. The Shire arranged for the remaining 9 covers to be transferred to the Colin St dam site in the Merredin town area.

Daisy then travelled to the dam site and installed the remaining 9 covers in two dam cover modules totalling 65m x 48m. Upon arriving, the install team realised that the dam was subjected to higher winds in this location, so they engineered a different attachment system to secure the covers resulting in a change of manufacturing for all future dam cover systems. 

This was a significant project for the Daisy team which required swift decision making and had an excellent outcome for both parties.

The Merredin Projects Manager Daniel said he was particularly pleased with the outcome of all covers deployed, they have tried a number of evaporation-saving methods in the past and believe the physical Daisy Dam Covers are the best solution he has seen.

525 Titanium Blue Pool Cover  installed in Canning Vale, WA

This installation in Canning Vale, WA showcases the skill of the installer. Featuring a 525 Titanium Blue cover, this pool posed a unique challenge due to its size and complexity.

What makes this installation particularly interesting is the incorporation of two hinged areas: one for the spa and another for step entry. Jarrid's expertise and experience were instrumental in ensuring the success of this project. Despite the challenges posed by the 12.5m pool, Jarrid's attention to detail resulted in a flawless installation. The end result exceeded the customer's expectations.

Light Oak Under Bench Roller & 525 Titanium Blue Pool Cover  installed in Bullsbrook, WA

This particular installation features a Power Light Oak under bench roller coupled with a 525 Titanium Blue pool cover, creating a seamless integration of convenience and style.

The choice of the Power Light Oak under bench roller not only serves its practical purpose but also adds a touch of sophistication to the pool area. Its sleek design complements the surroundings, enhancing the overall appeal of the space.

Paired with the 525 Titanium Blue pool cover, this installation ensures efficient protection and maintenance of the pool.

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The Daisy office staff are awesome!

The Daisy office staff are awesome!

They are always so happy and helpful, its great calling you guys

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