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New Australian Standards for Pool Covers

New Australian Standards for Pool Covers

Daisy is helping to pave the way towards a better pool industry within Australia! Recently, new Australian Standards for Pool Covers were published, becoming available for the entire industry. 

Derek Prince of Daisy Pool Covers was involved in the development of the standard through the SPASA (Swimming Pool and Spa Association) Pool Cover Advisory Group, which included representatives from the Pool and Spa Cover Alliance Australasia (PASCAA) and other leading pool cover manufacturers.

These standards were created in response to concerns about the lack of manufacturing rigour and verifiable performance claims in the pool cover market. 

The main objective of the AS5348 Pool Cover standard is to establish a set of benchmarks and tests that pool covers must meet in order to be considered effective at reducing costs associated with pool heating and evaporation. 

According to Prince, the new standard was based on the Climate Care Certified pool cover certification criteria, and he is proud of the work that the team has done to protect the industry and consumers from subpar products. At Daisy, we’re very excited about the introduction of these new standards as it means that Australia is now the first country to have a minimum standard for pool covers, making it a world leader in the swimming pool industry. The new AS5348 and AS5352 standards aim to protect the nation's swimming pools and spas, as well as the pool cover industry and Australian consumers.

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I have never dealt with anyone as good as Daisy, I am so grateful for all the help Shane gave me. He told me how to control and use it properly after the last company didn’t bother. Shane made it so easy to use and he made sure I knew how easy it was as well.

Shane went above and beyond, he was a very caring young man, simply a joy to deal with

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