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July Winter Installations

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Our team has had a busy month installing pool covers and rollers. We’ve had plenty of more WinterKleen installations, sleek Below Ground Boxes, and illusion covers for a seamless finish. Keep reading to find out more.

350i | Helena Valley, WA

Shane recently installed a 350i cover in Helena Valley, WA, showcasing its nearly translucent appearance against the pool. This installation vividly illustrates the reason Daisy manufactures the 350i at such high clarity levels. Thicker materials would introduce distortions during the cover-making process, resulting in a whitish appearance. Therefore, we've deliberately capped the thickness at 350 microns to maintain its clear look. 

This project exemplifies "the pool cover people's" commitment to delivering optimal consumer outcomes through precision engineering and quality craftsmanship.

BGB | Maida Vale, WA




The pool customer initially visited the dealer's store to purchase an overcover but was intrigued by the BGB displays and left with more information. Two days later, they returned ready to proceed, having confirmed details about their pool setup. Kudos to the team for completing the installation on the existing pool within just 13 days of placing the order. 

This efficient turnaround exemplifies how knowing more about Daisy’s product range can lead to increased customer engagement and satisfaction, showcasing the potential for enhanced business outcomes when offering quality solutions.

WinterKleen | Dalkeith, WA



The installation highlights a significant before-and-after transformation with the WinterKleen cover. Already proving effective in keeping leaves out of the pool during winter, it's an ideal solution for backyards prone to high debris loads. The cover's ease of maintenance—simply brushing off debris—further enhances its appeal, demonstrating its practicality and efficiency in maintaining a clean pool environment year-round.

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The Daisy office staff are awesome!

The Daisy office staff are awesome!

They are always so happy and helpful, its great calling you guys

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