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New installs!

It was a busy end to the year for the team at Daisy Pool Covers! They’ve been hard at work installing pool covers and rollers for customers throughout Australia. 

With temperatures soaring throughout the country, it’s the perfect time to invest in a little TLC and some added protection for your pool. Our range of pool covers will keep your pool clean and comfortable all summer long - and they look great!

Check out some of our recent installs below and get in touch to find out what we could do for you. 

  1. BGB & 525B  - Pymble NSW
    For ease of use, the step area of this pool in NSW has been left uncovered to ensure moving the cover is effortless.

  2. TTB DPST - Blakhurst NSW
    This ThermoTech cover and Daisy Power ST Roller are both wide enough to cover the step area seamlessly.

  3. Multi level Spa & Pool 525B - Beverly Hills NSW
    This unique multi level spa and pool install took some precision & skill from Daisy installer Gavin who was able to cover the entire area in one piece. He has managed to neatly  tucking the change of height to ensure it is secure.

  4. BGB & 525TB - Padstow NSW
    This Below Ground Box shows just how much you can maximise space and minimise clutter while still having all the benefits of a Daisy Pool Cover.

  5. Handrail Cut 525TB - Picnic Point NSW
    This 525 cover has been specially cut around the handrail to allow it to move on and off freely.

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An awesome quality cover

Hi, I thought you might like some feedback on your pool covers! Our 400 micron Daisy is 7 years old and was going pretty strong – I honestly think it had one or maybe 2 years still left in it – that was until is was shredded in a very bad hail storm recently. The hail was larger than golf ball size and many rooves in our area were smashed so we are not surprised it was damaged. It was always kept on the pool unless we were swimming and it’s on a roller that is covered from the sun. Yes it was getting a bit brittle but in general for 7 years we have to say it was an awesome quality cover. Thanks Daisy! Let’s hope the new generation of pool covers are even better. Cheers


Committed to Quality

Daisy Pool Covers only offer energy and water efficient products so our customers can enjoy their pools for longer.

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