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February Installs

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From residential pools to large commercial pools or dams, our team of installers are capable of coming up with a solution for just about any project. Lately, they’ve been hard at work doing everything from repairs and replacements to installing our hugely popular range of pool covers and rollers in homes throughout the country. 

Check out some of their recent work below!

Below Ground Box and 525 Blue Pool Cover installed in Wembley, WA

This recent install in Wembley, WA is a great example of why we love the below ground box. With minimal room to walk around the pool and the step area, we wanted to ensure the space was kept clutter-free. The below ground box was the perfect solution for this as we were able to install it in a small space between the house and pool. When open, it doesn’t create any obstruction in the walkways, and it’s barely visible when the pool cover is stored away. The pool owner also opted to have us install a 525 Blue solar pool cover that looks great with the modern surroundings.

Commercial 525 Blue Pool Cover replacement in Dalkeith

Vandals recently damaged one of the two commercial pool covers at Dalkeith Primary School, so we attended to install a replacement. We were able to use the original manufacture plan to make the replacement cover, which is a 525 solar cover with roller end reinforcing and a leading edge float rod. It also comes with a harness and haul cord and includes a wind skirting option and attached over covers. When we attended to install the new cover, we were able to complete some minor repairs on the old cover.

Dam Cover installed in Merredin, WA

The original dam cover was initially ordered to match the dimensions of the entire dam, which measures 65 by 90 meters. However, during the installation planning phase, it was discovered that the dam's actual surface area measured 77m x 44m. Consequently, the installation strategy was adjusted to accommodate the new dimensions by deploying 8 modules and leaving the remainder on-site. The Shire considered lifting the water level to facilitate the installation of all modules, but due to a lack of water, the decision was made to maintain the existing water level. Unfortunately, by the time the installation occurred, the water level had dropped, limiting the deployment to only 4 modules with dimensions of approximately 65m x 5.24m (equivalent to 65m x 21m). The remaining 13 dam cover modules are stored in Merredin for future use, with plans to install them on another dam.

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I’d like to thank you very much

Dear Shannon and Brett,

My replacement pool cover arrived today and it fits my pool perfectly. I’d like to thank you very much for promptly addressing my issues and going to so much trouble to ensure that the replacement was the perfect fit. I particularly appreciate that you did this at such a busy time of year. I acknowledge that the circumstances behind the first cover not fitting were strange, and I was impressed that despite that, Daisy Pool Covers didn’t hesitate to take the issue on board and ensure that I am now a very satisfied customer.

All the best for 2019.


Murrumbateman, NSW Customer

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