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Daisy Day 2023

Daisy Day 2023

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It’s easy for pool maintenance to fall by the wayside in winter. For some pool owners, it really is a matter of out of sight, out of mind. When the weather's too cold to swim, it’s easy to just cover it up with a pool cover and forget about it. Of course, Daisy experts know that proper maintenance is crucial for their longevity. 

While our pool covers play a vital role in preventing evaporation and chemical loss, they must be periodically removed to allow the pool to "breathe" and to ensure proper water chemistry. Despite any alternative solutions or shortcuts offered by certain companies, there is simply no substitute for removing the pool cover to maintain a healthy pool environment.

Without regular care and attention, everything in the pool environment, from the equipment to the pool finish, can deteriorate over time - but it can take persistence and regular reminders to drive that point home to pool owners. 

That’s where “Daisy Day” comes in. 

To remind pool owners about the importance of regular maintenance, especially during the off-season when pool usage is reduced, we encourage you to advocate for an off-season monthly check. On the first Saturday of every month, pool owners should remove their pool covers and test the water, before visiting you, their local pool shop to test the water and receive expert advice on correcting any imbalances. By participating in Daisy Day, pool owners can enhance the longevity of their pool covers while minimising the risk of damage to other pool equipment and the pool's surface finish.

For more information about Daisy Day, contact your area manager or Daisy HQ [email protected]

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Thank you for always supplying us with your best people for the job

Hi Daisy. Would just like to take the opportunity to tell you about the training I received from Shannon. He is very clear and precise when explaining and another fellow staff member was so happy to have had one on one training as she had never been shown how to work out and quote on a pool cover before and has been working here for 12yrs.

Thank you for always supplying us with your best people for the job

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