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Check out Daisy’s Latest WinterKleen Installs

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Perfect for the changing seasons, Daisy’s WinterKleen mesh covers are designed to allow water to pass through but prevent debris and dust from entering a pool. Any debris that falls onto a WinterKleen Cover can be easily swept or blown off, preventing the time-consuming task of netting or vacuuming a pool. They’re a great choice for pools with a high debris load, particularly throughout Australia’s cooler months.

Multi-Coloured WinterKleen | Bilgola Plateau, NSW

Our client requested a two-tone WinterKleen cover with a Tan border, colour-matched to their decking, for a seamless garden aesthetic. Our team in NSW and WA worked together to measure and manufacture the custom-made cover. Daryl (Daisy, NSW) measured on-site, and Shannon (Daisy, WA) calculated the required dimensions of each material, before passing it onto our manufacturing team. 

The team coordinated production and sent the cover over to NSW for Daryl and the team to install. When on-site, Daryl recognised the need for additional tie-down toggles on the deck to ensure a seamless fit. This was a great install, with our nationwide team once again displaying fantastic collaboration to deliver exceptional service.

WinterKleen Blue + Blind Pocket Wall | Wilson, WA

When installing this custom-made WinterKleen cover, Shane (Daisy, WA) immediately recognised there was limited space to fix the toggle anchors to the wall, beside the flower display. He quickly resolved the issue by sewing a pocket to anchor the cover. The step area has anchor points holding it lengthways with it tensioned to the other side of the pool which resulted in a flawless installation, with the garden looking sleek and stylish.

WinterKleen Blue | Mount Claremont, WA

The team faced a challenging installation with as little as 100mm around the perimeter of the pool near the curved section of the wall. At Daisy, we take pride in our care for client property and in preventing the risk of damage to the curved wall our team shortened the toggles to a specific length, preventing adjustments that could make the pool cover slack when in use. It was a tricky install but with quick thinking, we were able to find a resolution and deliver outstanding service.

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An awesome quality cover

Hi, I thought you might like some feedback on your pool covers! Our 400 micron Daisy is 7 years old and was going pretty strong – I honestly think it had one or maybe 2 years still left in it – that was until is was shredded in a very bad hail storm recently. The hail was larger than golf ball size and many rooves in our area were smashed so we are not surprised it was damaged. It was always kept on the pool unless we were swimming and it’s on a roller that is covered from the sun. Yes it was getting a bit brittle but in general for 7 years we have to say it was an awesome quality cover. Thanks Daisy! Let’s hope the new generation of pool covers are even better. Cheers


Committed to Quality

Daisy Pool Covers only offer energy and water efficient products so our customers can enjoy their pools for longer.

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