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BGB Domestic Installs

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The Below Ground Box (BGB) is one of our most popular products and this year we’re experiencing unprecedented demand for it. 

They’re the perfect choice for modern pool areas and tight spaces, as they’re designed to effortlessly merge with their surroundings and discreetly conceal the pool roller. From garden beds to decks and concrete pool areas, they’re versatile enough to be installed almost anywhere. For pool owners who want a clutter-free and visually appealing pool area, the BGB really is the best solution.

Our team has completed a lot of BGB installations recently. Check them out below!

350 Illusion Solar Pool Cover and 4.5 metre Below Ground Box installed in Baldivis, WA

This customer's pool was on an angle to the fence so we paid careful attention to the alignment of their BGB to ensure the unit was positioned square to the pool instead of the fence. We also installed it with an 80mm clearance above ground level to accommodate the panned landscaping. This was easy, as the BGB range was designed to allow for various configurations. The BGB was paired with a 350 Illusion pool cover to allow the deep blue colour of the pool shell to shine through.

400 Blue Solar Pool Cover and 4 Metre Below Ground Box installed in Carramar, WA

There was only a limited amount of space available between the fence and the pool, but this BGB installation was executed with ease. With no pipework or other obstructions present, we were able to maximise the use of this space with our Small BGB. Its compact design is perfect for situations like this where we need to work in tight spaces. It’s also the ideal choice for pool areas where space is limited.

Small Below Ground Box installed in Duncraig, WA

The integration of this BGB into the pool area in Duncraig WA, looks fantastic. Our installers originally attended to install a large box (as ordered), but realised the tight space was better suited to the smaller size. After the pipes and power went in, they reattended and installed. The customer was very pleased with the result.

Blue Solar Pool Cover and Below Ground Box installed in Jarrahdale, WA

This installation shows how versatile our below ground boxes really are. They have strong frames, so you can install them at any point during your pool installation without worry. Whether your customers want to install them from the start or later down the track, our boxes ensure seamless installation and enduring reliability.

Pool Cover and Small Below Ground Box installed in Wandi, WA

In this installation, a Small BGB was strategically installed at an elevated position to align with the finished floor level of the pool surrounds. This thoughtful placement ensures seamless integration with the surrounding environment, optimising both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

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I could not be more satisfied

I recently purchased a Daisy Pool Cover (400 micron UltraDome) from my pool shop in Shenton Park, and had it installed by your employee, Shane, on 23 Oct 2019.

I am pleased to let you know that I am very satisfied with my new Daisy pool cover, the purchase through my pool shop, and installation by your employee Shane.

As I have an irregular, kidney-shaped pool, it was recommended to me that I include Daisy’s professional pool cover installation service to ensure my cover was fitted correctly and provide trouble-free use. It was excellent advice. For a very reasonable fee, I believe it is a valuable service that you should promote more strongly.

My pool cover was installed by Shane who was professional, friendly and very knowledgeable. I could not be more satisfied with Shane’s customer service; he is a credit to the Daisy Pool Cover and Rollers company and brand.


Shenton Park

Committed to Quality

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