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New Daisy Installs

  1. When extra seating is needed, there’s nothing like the UBR. Even better, this customer from Forrestdale in WA opted for the Western Red Cedar to really work in with their existing decking and seating.                                                                                                

  2. Shane, one of our WA installers, knows the devil’s in the detail. This might look like a standard install, but take note of the roller position for a curved end. In this scenario, the roller is positioned over the widest end to make the recovery easy. Then there is the spa overflow into the pool where Shane has trimmed the cover back. This exposes an area for the spa water to go into the pool without flooding the pool cover. Finally, you can see the cover for the spa. Here, a slit is cut from the edge to the centre, with an additional hole cut for the table leg. This means the spa cover can be put on and off without removing the table. Nice work, Shane – some smart solutions there for our Daisy customers!

  3. Here’s some out of the box thinking for an indoor lap pool.Located in Mosman Park, WA, the customer wanted a Daisy Power Roller. With limited space around the pool, a wall mount was used to allow the cover to come onto the roller.This solution not only made the whole job possible, but it avoiding the need to move the cover to go around a leg (if there was a standard roller leg)..   

  4. Sometimes it’s best to cover what you can, rather than have no cover at all!In this pool in South Perth, WA, we suggested covering certain areas of the pool while leaving the step area off. By doing this, it still made it easy to access the pool for a quick dip, without having to pull off the entire cover.

  5. Sometimes installs are harder than others. Take this home in Ellenbrook, WA.Shane was tasked with installing the cover to the BGB while the builders still had their platform over the pool. With a little bit of patience and a lot of foresight, Shane was able to work around it to make sure the install went ahead as planned

  6. We try to avoid folding steps at the beginning of the roll. The reason being as it will make the whole cover hard to roll (ie. it will tend to run off). That said, Shane installed the Daisy power roller + 525B cover in Kalamunda, WA and ensured the roller was wide enough for the step to come up flat. It’s a great thing to keep in mind and something that will make it a lot easier for our customer to use in the long run.

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