Want to save your customers valuable time cleaning their pool?

Get the dirt on selling WinterKleen – all year round pool covers

Uh huh we get it. Your customers have a heavy debris or dirt problem. They don’t want to spend hour after hour, weekend after weekend, slaving away cleaning their pool. And… they want a cover to help them keep the leaves and dirt out of their pool.

Well, we’ve got an industry-best product for them… sell them a WinterKleen Pool Cover!

A WinterKleen pool cover is perfect, especially during these cooler wintery months.

 They save:

  • Leaves and debris entering pool
  • Time cleaning
  • Evaporation
  • Running costs
  • Chemical use
  • Water because it passes through
  • The pool from becoming a science experiment over extended periods of non-use.

WinterKleen covers are made with a fine polypropylene mesh that is strong to survive the elements and also lightweight for easy handling. This type of pool cover protects their pool from leaves, dirt and debris and also allows water through into the pool.

These covers work best when stretched over their pool during long periods when their pool isn’t being used. Leaves and dirt that fall on the cover can be blown or swept off the cover.

The finished cover stretches across their entire pool overlapping it by 20cms with tie down toggles about 80cms apart, anchored a further 20cms from the cover’s edge. The tie down toggles are easily pulled tight, one by one until taut.

WinterKleen covers are available in blue or green and are shaped with a square cut to fit over any shaped pool. Additional charges apply if they want the cover to mirror a shaped curvilinear pool as this requires a Daisy Expert to measure accurately.

A WinterKleen has an 8 year pro-rata warranty and is easily removed when it’s time to put on a Daisy solar pool cover. Be a hero and make your customers happier this autumn with a WinterKleen! You also get to sell more!

Click here to download the WinterKleen Brochure.