Winterkleen Mesh Black

WinterKleen pool covers are the ideal choice for pools that experience excess garden and leaf debris.

Pool type
with left trapezoid step area
with right trapezoid step area
With Step Area
Rectangle with circle step area
Peanut with Spa Area
Rectangle with spa area
Pool width (A)
Pool length (B)



These pool covers are installed over your pool so that any debris that collects blows off or is easily swept away.

This type of pool cover works well in conjunction with an UltraDomeTM bubble cover to use during the off-season winter months.

With exception for solar heating and insulation properties, these WinterKleen pool covers deliver on all of the ‘Daisy Saves’ benefits.

Benefits of a Daisy Pool Cover
Winterkleen Mesh Black 13
Winterkleen Mesh Black 14
Winterkleen Mesh Black 15
Winterkleen Mesh Black 16
Winterkleen Mesh Black 17
Winterkleen Mesh Black 18

Installation instructions available here