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Water condensation in the bubbles

The polyethylene plastic material used in the manufacture of Daisy solar pool covers is permeable to a degree. This means it will allow tiny quantities of liquids or gases to go through it. Some water vapour will permeate the material and enter the bubbles. As the temperature outside the bubble drops below ‘dew point’, the water vapour inside condenses, leaving a small quantity of water in the bubble. This condensation is perfectly normal and does not affect the cover’s performance or life span in any way. As soon as the temperature inside the bubble increases again, the water will evaporate.

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Lovely bloke, really genuine

After requesting a slightly bigger pool cover, the customer’s newly installed cover blew off due to the pool being quite full.

So Chris went back out and trimmed the edges a bit for them. Craig, the customer, then called us up to say that Chris did a very good job, and he is a “lovely bloke, really genuine.”

Great work Chris!


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