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Shrinkage caused by overheating

Overheating occurs when the cover is off the pool, folded or rolled up and left exposed to partial or direct sunlight. Over time, heat builds up within the layers of the folded or rolled-up cover, the plastic becomes more malleable, and the air inside the bubble expands. The expanding air stretches the bubbles and they take on a convex profile, rather than flat. This stretching of the bubble material over areas of the pool cover will abnormally shrink it. Such shrinkage is not covered under the warranty. The cover will continue to work effectively to warm the pool and prevent evaporation; however, you will experience some loss of useful life. When the pool cover eventually perishes, Daisy will cover the loss of lifespan under the warranty terms. Please note – leaving a cover under shade cloth or a patio is not protecting the pool cover from the sun, you must store it in complete shade.

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Lovely bloke, really genuine

After requesting a slightly bigger pool cover, the customer’s newly installed cover blew off due to the pool being quite full.

So Chris went back out and trimmed the edges a bit for them. Craig, the customer, then called us up to say that Chris did a very good job, and he is a “lovely bloke, really genuine.”

Great work Chris!


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