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Pool cover is not warming the water

Providing the bubbles are inflated and the cover is in place, it warms the water and retains heat. It is as simple as that. In fact, short of covering the pool cover, you can’t stop it warming the water, and even then only partially. There is no way possible for the cover not to warm the water. Only the environmental conditions – temperature and degree of sunshine/cloud – will limit the heat and are the only variable factors.

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The guy you sent out is bloody brilliant

Our blanket was installed on Wednesday and the guy you sent out is bloody brilliant. Even Brad has said its the best installation he’s seen and exactly why we use you, beautifully done. Thanks very much.

Have a great weekend, our pools already at 29 so I know what we will be doing 😉

Liz - Pooltopia

Walliston WA

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