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Cover keeps moving to one side

  1. This normally happens on a kidney-shaped or curved pool with an ‘inside curve’. When the cover is cut allowing an even 75-100mm upturn all around, the upturn on the ‘inside curve’ tends to push the cover away from that side and up over the opposite edge of the pool. Carefully trim the cover flat to the waterline on the ‘inside curve’ side or put some dressmaking tucks in the upturn along the ‘inside curve’ to alleviate the pressure.

  2. The cover is being moved by water return jets angled up directing the water at the cover – or, jets set too high in the pool. If a jet is aimed up at the cover, loosen it and aim down, away from the cover. If the jets are too high, you may be able to add more water to bring the water level above the return jets. If not, you need to contact your local pool shop about a redirection fitting to move the return water jets further under the water level.

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I could not be more satisfied

I recently purchased a Daisy Pool Cover (400 micron UltraDome) from my pool shop in Shenton Park, and had it installed by your employee, Shane, on 23 Oct 2019.

I am pleased to let you know that I am very satisfied with my new Daisy pool cover, the purchase through my pool shop, and installation by your employee Shane.

As I have an irregular, kidney-shaped pool, it was recommended to me that I include Daisy’s professional pool cover installation service to ensure my cover was fitted correctly and provide trouble-free use. It was excellent advice. For a very reasonable fee, I believe it is a valuable service that you should promote more strongly.

My pool cover was installed by Shane who was professional, friendly and very knowledgeable. I could not be more satisfied with Shane’s customer service; he is a credit to the Daisy Pool Cover and Rollers company and brand.


Shenton Park

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