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Cover blowing off the pool

For the cover to blow off the pool the wind needs to be able to get underneath it, causing it to lift up and blow across the pool. This may be happening for a number of reasons:

  1. The cover has not been cut to shape and you are attempting to keep it in place by using weighted objects. To work most effectively and not blow off the pool, it is essential the cover is cut to shape and installed correctly, please refer to Installation Instructions.

  2. The cover has been cut to shape (allowing an upturn) but the upturn is too large and protruding above the top edge of the pool. Trim the cover carefully until the upturn is the correct 75 – 100mm and does not go above the pool edge (Coping).

  3. The cover has moved on the pool, showing the water on one side and overhanging the pool on the other side. See Technical Question 3: Cover keeps moving to one side following.

  4. There has been enough rain to significantly raise the pool water level resulting in the cover edge sitting above the coping of the pool. Reduce the amount of water in the pool with your waste water facility or remove the cover until the excess water has evaporated.

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The guy you sent out is bloody brilliant

Our blanket was installed on Wednesday and the guy you sent out is bloody brilliant. Even Brad has said its the best installation he’s seen and exactly why we use you, beautifully done. Thanks very much.

Have a great weekend, our pools already at 29 so I know what we will be doing 😉

Liz - Pooltopia

Walliston WA

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