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Bubbles have gone flat

This is a rare occurrence, and if it happens within the first twelve months of use, Daisy Pool Covers will replace the cover. If the cover is replaced, it is important you understand why it happened to prevent it occurring again. As chlorine reacts with other chemicals and organic material in your pool by-products called chloramines are created. One of these is a gas, Nitrogen trichloride. It is responsible for the strong chlorine smell around pools, particularly indoor pools. When Nitrogen trichloride builds up under the pool cover it can create a very high pressure.

If there is a particularly low-pressure weather cell over the pool, the opposing pressures can create a powerful vacuum that forces the air out of the bubbles. Before installing a Daisy solar pool cover, it is a good discipline to shock chlorinate the swimming pool to burn off residual chloramines and then allow chlorine levels to return to normal. Regular super chlorination or oxidation will avoid any future excessive chloramine build-up. Consult your local pool shop for advice.

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I’d like to thank you very much

Dear Shannon and Brett,

My replacement pool cover arrived today and it fits my pool perfectly. I’d like to thank you very much for promptly addressing my issues and going to so much trouble to ensure that the replacement was the perfect fit. I particularly appreciate that you did this at such a busy time of year. I acknowledge that the circumstances behind the first cover not fitting were strange, and I was impressed that despite that, Daisy Pool Covers didn’t hesitate to take the issue on board and ensure that I am now a very satisfied customer.

All the best for 2019.


Murrumbateman, NSW Customer

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