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Useful Tips & Advice On Using a Pool Cover In Summer

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We’re regularly asked about pool cover usage, so we thought we share the answers to some of the questions we get asked most frequently. Here are some valuable insights and guidance for customers on optimising pool cover usage throughout the summer months.

Will the pool get too hot with a pool cover on?

Generally, when the pool is used regularly it will maintain a comfortable temperature. However, if the pool has not been used for a period of time and does start to feel excessively warm, simply removing the cover overnight should allow it to cool down adequately.

Will a pool cover change the chemical balance of the pool?

Yes, the pool will behave differently with a pool cover, its important to regularly monitor and maintain the chemical balance to understand the way the pool behaves with a cover, and remember to ALWAYS take the water sample elbow deep under a pool cover to get an accurate sample.

When does the most evaporation take place?

High wind can significantly increase the evaporation rate, high wind can evaporate more water than a hot sunny day. 

When should the pump be run when using a pool cover?

The pump should be operated during the heat of the day to effectively circulate both the warm and chlorinated water throughout the pool, ensuring even distribution and preventing a buildup of chlorinated water under the pool cover.

How quickly will the pool heat up?

The water temperature will rise by 6–8ºC above the average ambient temperature measured over about a week. Most people find they double their swimming season with a Daisy solar pool cover. During mid-summer, it's not uncommon for the pool temperature to surpass 30ºC or even higher, reaching a point where it might become uncomfortably warm. At this stage, it's advisable to remove the cover for a period to allow it to cool down.

Which pool cover is most effective in heating the pool?

Our solar bubble covers are designed to utilise sunlight to warm the pool while also insulating it and minimising evaporation. All our covers (except for the Titanium Cool cover) function similarly in terms of heating and insulation. The differences lie in their lifespan and colour variations.

How much evaporation does a solar pool cover stop?

Our pool covers prevent 99.98% of evaporation. To put this into our everyday terms, if we have a daily evaporation rate of 7mm on a 8.0 x 4.0m pool, this equates to 224 litres of evaporation per day - a Daisy will save 223.95 of this evaporation 

Will warming the water cause algae to grow?

No, warming the water itself doesn't directly cause algae growth in a pool. Algae growth is triggered by chemical imbalances in the pool water rather than temperature changes. However, while a pool cover doesn't directly induce algae growth, it will accelerate the process if there's an existing imbalance in the pool's chemical levels. 

Does the pool cover need to be completely removed to swim?

Yes, it's necessary to completely remove the pool cover before swimming. 

Will the pool cover blow off?

For the cover to blow off the pool the wind needs to be able to get underneath it, causing it to lift up and blow across the pool. This may be happen for a number of reasons:

  1. The cover has not been cut to shape and you are attempting to keep it in place by using weighted objects. It is essential the cover is cut to shape and installed correctly. Please refer to the installation instructions for guidance.

  2. The cover has been cut to shape but the upturn is too large and protruding above the top edge of the pool. To address his issue, trim the cover carefully until the upturn is the correct 20 – 75mm and does not go above the pool edge (coping). 

  3. The cover has moved on the pool, showing the water on one side and overhanging the pool on the other side.

  4. There has been enough rain to significantly raise the pool water level resulting in the cover edge sitting above the coping of the pool. Reduce the amount of water in the pool with your waste water facility or remove the cover until the excess water has evaporated.

Can a pool cleaner be used under a pool cover?

Yes, you can use any suction, pressure or robotic pool cleaner under your pool cover. A pool cover will not hinder the operation of a pool cleaner.

How do I remove leaves from the pool cover?

You can simply sweep leaves into one corner and remove them. Alternatively, depending on your pool's shape, you can roll up the cover, allowing leaves and debris to fall forward as the cover is taken off the pool. Once the cover is almost entirely removed, flick it backward to dislodge any remaining leaves.

Another option is to let the leaves fall onto the pool surface and then use a pool scoop to gather them neatly in a line at the end of the pool for easier removal.

Can you use a solar cover with a Winterkleen cover?

Yes, you can use them in conjunction with each other.

Do my customers need a pool cover roller? 

Rollers make it quick and easy to take the cover on and off the pool. The convenience generally means that your customers will get more use out of their cover. 

Rollers also provide a convenient storage method for the cover, as pool owners can quickly pop the overcover on to keep their cover protected when the pool is in use.

Should my customers use an overcover? 

Yes, the overcover should be used every time the cover is on the roller, even when the pool cover is off for only short durations. 

Do I need to add a refit kit to the order? 

If you are ordering a roller, a fitting kit and overcover are included with the roller kit. If you are just ordering a cover and connecting it to an existing roller, then you will need to add a refit kit and overcover to your order. 

A customer doesn't like the look of rollers, what are the alternatives? 

Our below ground boxes and under bench rollers are both great options for customers who don't like the look of traditional rollers. 

My customer has a non-standard pool, can I still install a cover and/or roller? 

We have pool covers and rollers suitable for almost any pool design. If you are unsure how to fit a cover and roller, send a photo to us for advice. 

Will Daisy covers keep pets or children out of the pool? 

No, our covers are not designed to hold the weight of pets or children and will not stop them from falling in the pool. Daisy covers are not safety covers.

Still got questions?

For more answers to commonly asked questions, see Training Video Module 12 or visit our FAQ page or reach out to your Daisy representative for advice.

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