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The Importance of Daisy Day

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It’s no secret that as the months get cooler, outdoor pools see far less use. 

Days are shorter so time around the pool area is limited, especially for those who work a 9-5. The great thing about Australia is the short winters, and before we know the pool cover will be coming off most days, almost certainly every weekend. But to ensure pools are ready for use,  the water and associated equipment must receive the correct care year-round. That’s why we champion Daisy Day! 

What is Daisy Day? 

When selling a pool cover or roller to your customers, we recommend that you emphasise the importance of year-round care, particularly during the winter months. On the first Saturday of every month, suggest that your customers undertake the required maintenance checks: remove their pool cover for the day, bring a sample of water to your store, and get the water tested for any impurities. Let them know you’ll be on hand with expert guidance to help them correct imbalances. 

This not only keeps your clients' pools in great shape and ready for use but continues to drive customers to your store post-purchase. You’ll be able to share your knowledge of the pool landscape plus clients love a great after-care service, after all,  it’s what sets you apart from your competitors. Read more here

Daisy Day. Designed to keep pools healthy through winter and drive retention for your business. For more information about Daisy Day, contact your area manager or Daisy HQ [email protected].

Has your client participated in Daisy Day? We’d love to hear your stories. Share them with us on Instagram or Facebook!

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Thank you for always supplying us with your best people for the job

Hi Daisy. Would just like to take the opportunity to tell you about the training I received from Shannon. He is very clear and precise when explaining and another fellow staff member was so happy to have had one on one training as she had never been shown how to work out and quote on a pool cover before and has been working here for 12yrs.

Thank you for always supplying us with your best people for the job

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