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Sydney Pool Cover Rebate

SPASA Australia has reported a pilot pool cover rebate programme is being trialled with Sydney pool owners.

The initiative is currently on offer to customers of Sydney Water only, with other authorities yet to trial a rebate of this kind with the market.

The $200 rebate will be available to the first 500 pool covers. There are some mandatories, however, that must be considered in order to be eligible.

Rebate is for new pool covers only
A minimum pool cover size of 25sqm
The pool cover must have a roller
Pool cover must be Climate Care Certified

To apply for the rebate, pool owners must complete the Sydney Water application form, and also provide a receipt and photo of the pool cover as proof of purchase.

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An awesome quality cover

Hi, I thought you might like some feedback on your pool covers! Our 400 micron Daisy is 7 years old and was going pretty strong – I honestly think it had one or maybe 2 years still left in it – that was until is was shredded in a very bad hail storm recently. The hail was larger than golf ball size and many rooves in our area were smashed so we are not surprised it was damaged. It was always kept on the pool unless we were swimming and it’s on a roller that is covered from the sun. Yes it was getting a bit brittle but in general for 7 years we have to say it was an awesome quality cover. Thanks Daisy! Let’s hope the new generation of pool covers are even better. Cheers


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SPASA Australia Daisy Quality Smart Approved Watermark PASCAA Climate Care Certificate