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Pre-Cut Pool Covers

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At Daisy, we're dedicated to harnessing state-of-the-art technology to ensure an exceptional experience for your customers. For those looking to purchase a pre-cut cover for a pre-manufactured pool, we've made the ordering process as streamlined as possible.

Utilising advanced 3D point capturing devices, we are able to measure pool shells directly at the manufacturer’s yard. This innovative approach allows us to robotically cut our pool covers to mirror the exact shape of the pool shell. These covers come complete with radius corners so that they can be cut and supplied to fit to the waterline or installed oversized with an upturn.

It's important to note that while our pre-cut pool cover data is meticulously collected from new pool shells, minor variations in cover fit can occur during installation.

Factors like pool base screening, backfilling procedures, or manufacturer adjustments to the mould may influence the pool's top profile, resulting in subtle differences in cover fit. These variations do not diminish the cover's functionality and should not be perceived as flaws in either the pool installation or the cover's design.

To set everyone's expectations for pre-cut sizes, our standard pre-cut includes a 20mm upturn cut, extending the pool cover upward towards the pool coping.

Precut pool covers are made ready to order whenever a pre-cut option is selected, granted Daisy Pool Covers has the data available.

For more information on our advanced pool cover technology, click here, or feel free to reach out to your Daisy representative or contact Daisy HQ at [email protected].

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I could not be more satisfied

I recently purchased a Daisy Pool Cover (400 micron UltraDome) from my pool shop in Shenton Park, and had it installed by your employee, Shane, on 23 Oct 2019.

I am pleased to let you know that I am very satisfied with my new Daisy pool cover, the purchase through my pool shop, and installation by your employee Shane.

As I have an irregular, kidney-shaped pool, it was recommended to me that I include Daisy’s professional pool cover installation service to ensure my cover was fitted correctly and provide trouble-free use. It was excellent advice. For a very reasonable fee, I believe it is a valuable service that you should promote more strongly.

My pool cover was installed by Shane who was professional, friendly and very knowledgeable. I could not be more satisfied with Shane’s customer service; he is a credit to the Daisy Pool Cover and Rollers company and brand.


Shenton Park

Committed to Quality

Daisy Pool Covers only offer energy and water efficient products so our customers can enjoy their pools for longer.

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