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Marketing and promoting of pool covers

Daisy actively promotes pool cover benefits and usage to the Australian pool owners. This makes the introduction and selling of Daisy products easier for you.

It has always been important that we promote our product benefits through a variety of delivery methods. This includes marketing campaigns through a number of effective channels, including our SPASA Australia platforms, SEO and social media platforms.

Over the last season, Daisy created some simple ‘How To’ videos for ‘Measure’ and ‘Install’. One of the great ways we have been able to deliver the message of pool cover ownership has been through some benefit videos…

Daisy has developed a suite of marketing assets for you to utilise. For example, the Daisy Promo Video is a great option that can work with or without sound in store. You can view on Youtube here or watch download the video here… 

If you think there are some key messages that will help with your sales, we’re here to help you with the appropriate marketing assets. This includes any training that can maximise your sales conversion. If this is something you’re after, ask your Area Manager or contact us on [email protected]

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The Daisy office staff are awesome!

The Daisy office staff are awesome!

They are always so happy and helpful, its great calling you guys

Swimart Erindale

ACT-Based Daisy Expert

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Daisy Pool Covers only offer energy and water efficient products so our customers can enjoy their pools for longer.

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