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Get Ready for Summer with the Bio Pool Cover Cleaner

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Maintain your pool cover and pool equipment easily this summer, with some help from Daisy’s Bio Pool Cover Cleaner.

Simply spray it on, immediately clean off with Daisy Pool Cover Cleaner Microfibre Broom head (or any pool broom).

Using Daisy’s Bio Pool Cover Cleaner will not only help clean your pool cover, it will prevent recurrence while helping maintain the overall health of your swimming pool, reducing the build-up of bio film on which algae grows.

And for best practice evaporation control, if your pool cover does not cover all of your swimming pool, why not try the Daisy AquaSaver, an ultra-thin, invisible liquid barrier to prevent 30% of evaporation where there is no solar cover on your pool water.

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Lovely bloke, really genuine

After requesting a slightly bigger pool cover, the customer’s newly installed cover blew off due to the pool being quite full.

So Chris went back out and trimmed the edges a bit for them. Craig, the customer, then called us up to say that Chris did a very good job, and he is a “lovely bloke, really genuine.”

Great work Chris!


Warnbro WA

Committed to Quality

Daisy Pool Covers only offer energy and water efficient products so our customers can enjoy their pools for longer.

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