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Does a pool cleaner work under a Daisy Pool Cover?

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Here at Daisy Pool Covers, we get asked a lot of different, even strange, questions from time to time. From ‘what way up does the pool cover go?’ (bubble side to the water if you were wondering) to ‘does a pool cover stop ducks?’ (yes by the way) and ‘does the pool cleaner work under a Daisy pool cover?’

Well, yes, the whole pool works as normal with the pool cover installed. The pool cover will not hinder the operation of a pool cleaner whether it’s a suction cleaner or robot style. Their hoses lay pretty well under the water so the cleaner can operate as if the cover was not installed.

If there is a problem with a cleaner working under the cover then there will be an external problem that the pool cover has identified for you (like a suction cleaner that will work without a cover installed but won't move when the cover is on. This normally indicates a leak in the hose).

This, along with many other questions are answered in our FAQ section of the website.

As always, Daisy is here to help. Got a question? Ask us at:  [email protected]

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I have never dealt with anyone as good as Daisy, I am so grateful for all the help Shane gave me. He told me how to control and use it properly after the last company didn’t bother. Shane made it so easy to use and he made sure I knew how easy it was as well.

Shane went above and beyond, he was a very caring young man, simply a joy to deal with

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