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Brisbane Water Restrictions

Brisbane and surrounding areas are facing one of their driest seasons in years. The huge Wivenhoe Dam is currently at record lows after several consecutive wet seasons have failed to provide the region with much-needed rainfall.

With the catchment area missing out on heavy winter rain, recent levels show the Wivenhoe Dam dropping to just 41.8%.

It is expected that water restrictions will affect south-east Queensland and come into effect if total dam supply for the region dropped below 50%. If forecasts continue as expected, this may happen as soon as December.

During periods like this, water authorities look to manage supplies with various measures, including reassigning the distribution of water from within the SE Queensland grid. Households will also be faced with caps on daily water usage at 140L.

Among the water wise recommendations for keeping personal use of water to a minimum, there are also opportunities for pool owners to do their part.

In an ABC story, an Ipswich family shared one of their tips.

"We just ordered our pool cover in time for summer.

"It's a huge water-saving measure having the pool cover there — it stops the evaporation and having to top up the pool.

If you want to do your bit as a pool owner to help save water around the country, find out more about how a Daisy pool cover can work for you and the environment.



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