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Attachments and refit kits

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Did you know that all Daisy rollers are supplied with a Cover Attachment Kit and an over-cover to suit the roller? And that pool covers are supplied simply as a cover but there’s a refit kit if you need it.

If you need to connect the pool cover to any roller, the Daisy Refit Kit has you covered!

Part number 092 – Daisy Refit Kit

All Daisy Refit Kits are equipped so you can connect a Daisy pool cover to any Daisy roller.  Each kit includes:

  • 10 x Cords

  • 10 x Cord adjusters (so you don’t have to tie knots)

  • 10 x Eyelets

  • 1 x Eyelet punch (to make the hole in the pool cover for the eyelet)

  • 10 x Feather plugs

  • 1 x Drill bit for feather plugs

And the only tools you will need are a:

  • Power drill

  • Phillips head screwdriver

  • Soft-faced hammer or mallet

Everything else is you need is included, even the correct drill bits!

Part number 1007 - Eyelets

If all you need are the eyelets, simply order an Eyelet Kit which includes 10 x eyelets and an eyelet punch.

Handy Hint

To make sure your Refit Kit or Eyelet Kit includes matching parts to your pool cover, be sure to include the colour of your Daisy, or its corresponding part number i.e. for a Titanium Green pool cover you will need Titanium Green eyelets.

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I have never dealt with anyone as good as Daisy

Shane is the most wonderful workman I have ever had the privilege of having in my home. Shane has just finished fitting the new pool cover to my roller, he is absolutely just wonderful!

I have never dealt with anyone as good as Daisy, I am so grateful for all the help Shane gave me. He told me how to control and use it properly after the last company didn’t bother. Shane made it so easy to use and he made sure I knew how easy it was as well.

Shane went above and beyond, he was a very caring young man, simply a joy to deal with

P.Boscarello Iluka

WA Based Customer

Committed to Quality

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