Approaching Winter and Rain: Your To-do List

Winterising your pool in four quick steps.

Changes in weather conditions bring along change to your swimming pool water balance.

 It’s important to bare this in mind as we lead into the winter season when we trade splashing around in the water for huddling in front of the fireplace. Dramatic changes to your pool water levels can cause havoc to your water chemistry, especially when you add leaves to the equation. Rain, leaves and other organic matter can add a whole new dimension to the water environment.

What happens to my pool when it rains? When more (or less) rain water lands in your pool it changes the overall chemical concentration. Put simply, the rain dilutes your pool chemical concentration. The more rain you have in your pool, the more the fresh water will dilute the salt and chlorine levels.

Four steps to winterising your pool

  1. Make sure your chemicals are balanced – use a test kit or pop into your local pool professional to get some sound advice
  2. Tidy your pool – clear any unwanted debris, toys or objects
  3. Drain the water out of your pool – keep the water level half to two thirds up your skimmer box
  4. Protect your pool with a pool cover!

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