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Hi Daisy

Would just like to take the opportunity to tell you about the training I received from Shannon.  He is very clear and precise when explaining and another fellow staff member was so happy to have had one on one training as she had never been shown how to work out and quote on a pool cover before and has been working here for 12yrs.

Thank you for always supplying us with your best people for the job.


Shane and I are brand new to the pool industry and started peak time 3 weeks ago. Since Day 1 – I reached out to John (Daisy)  on several occasions via calls and emails to get help with quotes and to meet us on site– Being so new, we are more than a ‘green pool” so to speak at this.

We appreciated every one is crazy busy at this time of year and he has been amazing and supportive, super helpful and very quick to respond to all enquires and quotes very fast.  So many people are quick to whinge and be negative – I am a believer of recognition when someone has done a great job, so wanted to let you know.

Thank you

I have just had an installation done by one of your guy’s Chris.

Chris did an awesome job of installing!

Showed me how to use the roller and make it work best. It was an awesome job and I appreciate the effort

Just wanted to say the young man Shane was very informative and did a great job on installing my pool cover & roller

I wanted to call to express my pleasure at how well Gavin from Daisy did his Job.
Gavin was a courteous and polite person, he did a professional job. It was a pleasure to have bought a Daisy product

Shane is the most wonderful workman I have ever had the privilege of having in my home. Shane has just finished fitting the new pool cover to my roller, he is absolutely just wonderful!

I have never dealt with anyone as good as Daisy, I am so grateful for all the help Shane gave me. He told me how to control and use it properly after the last company didn’t bother. Shane made it so easy to use and he made sure I knew how easy it was as well.

Shane went above and beyond, he was a very caring young man, simply a joy to deal with

Les, the Daisy pool cover was installed yesterday by the Daisy Company. Would you pass onto Daisy my delight with Gavin the installer, for a very professional job



Can you please pass on to all involved how extremely happy we were with your speed of delivery of our last 2 cover orders.

So appreciated at an especially busy time of the year!

Kind regards

Terry & Lisa


The pool cover fitted very well and the technician was very professional, kind and explained all about the cover to us. He explained that the covers are cut so that they go up the sides of the pool.  He was professional and we were very pleased with your service.

Hi Derek,

I just got off the phone with Xenia – apologies for taking up so much of her time, she was just too nice to talk to that I started telling how I absolutely love my Daisy Pool cover.  Anyway, I grabbed your e-mail address because I mentioned that I had been meaning to write to you for ages (at least since my pool cover turned 10 in 2014).

For at least 10 years now I have been telling pretty much anyone to put a Daisy Pool cover on their pool.  Friends and Family – of course!  But even when I meet people at a BBQ or party, once I find out they have a pool, I tell them they MUST get a Daisy Pool Cover.

Evaporation was my Reason

I got my Daisy Pool Cover in November 2004.  I really wasn’t sure about spending $1,200 ($600 for the blanket; $450 for the roller; $150 for the Pool Shop Install) but having lived in my home for 2 summers (I moved in 2002), I decided to bite the bullet because the evaporation was just ridiculous.  I remember I used to put the hose in the pool every fortnight over summer.

Since November 2004 I have only put the hose into the pool once to top up the water level.  Yes – once in 12 years – including the Sydney drought which was particularly bad from late 2006 to early 2008 (3 summers).

I don’t consider myself a particularly good environmentalist, but I do try to reduce the negative impact my household has on the environment – so my decision really was driven by the evaporation issue – and you don’t have to be Einstein to see that my Daisy Pool Cover has made a huge difference.

Warmer Water – Unexpected Benefit

My pool used to have the old “solar heating” system, which was basically a heap of black rubber tubes on my roof. It had a separate motor to pump the water up to the roof and parts always needed replacing.  I recall doing a few “tests” over the summer of 2003-04 (the summer before I got the Daisy) to see just how warm I could make the pool water. The highest temperature I managed was 32 degrees – running the “heater” 100% of sunlight hours (costing who knows how much in electricity).

Not that anyone needs a pool warmer than 32 degrees, but the Daisy will get the temperature to 34 degrees in January, so I can actually keep the pool around 30 degrees from Christmas until mid Feb with no electricity expense.

I threw out the roof top “solar heating” in 2006 – my gutters thank me for no more leaking salt water …

What Pool Debris?

Another one of the benefits the pool guys told me about back in 2004 was the reduction in leaves and other debris making its way into the pool.  I wasn’t too worried because I don’t have any trees overhanging the pool area.

However, I’m not sure too many people can make this “boast” – my pool cleaner died last summer, so my pool hasn’t seen a vacuum of any sort since before Easter.  There was about 2 baskets of debris at the bottom of the pool – after 6 months!  The pool cover did have a fair bit of rubbish on top – but that was no trouble to sweep off (and then scoop up) as I rolled up the blanket 3 weeks ago to get ready for summer.

Other Benefits

I’m pretty sure I use less pool chemicals – sun kills chlorine and the need for pool stabiliser is also reduced because the blanket solves that problem.  I have no idea of the value of any of those savings – but it has got to be worth the cost of the pool cover several times over since 2004.


The last thing I will say is that I was very worried about spending money in 2004 and having to replace the blanket at some unknown point in the future.  So I am very careful when I roll up the blanket.

If the pool has been covered for more than a few days, I submerge the edge of the blanket to wash pool water over the top. I do this all the way around the pool, so the blanket has lots of water on top.  I then brush the water over the whole blanket using the soft pool brush.  Once I have “cleaned” the blanket, I roll it up in a fairly steady pace which results in any dirt and debris dropping off the end – and I can scoop most of it up pretty easily with the pool net.

When the blanket has a lot of debris on top (like 3 weeks ago) I will also hose the blanket (both top and bottom) while rolling it up.  This can take up to 45 minutes to wash and roll up the whole blanket.  I figure it is worth a little time to look after stuff.

Given that my Daisy Pool Cover is 12 years old, I will happily tell anyone that your guarantee is solid!  

Mine is beginning to show its age in a couple of places – some of the “bubbles” have broken and were a bit dark (from algae) when I rolled it up.  Mostly those spots will clean up when I pull it back over the pool (now that I’ve got the water back to crystal clear for summer).

Anyway, the few broken bubbles don’t seem to affect the way it works, so it will probably be a few more years before I replace it – but when the time comes, I’ll be in touch!

I could easily talk the leg off an iron pot – raving about the best pool decision I ever made – getting a Daisy Pool Cover!

Looking forward to another great summer of backyard swimming – brought to me by Daisy!



Allambie Heights  NSW 2100

I’d seriously be happy for any prospective customers to ring me or even drop by to see mine – I think every pool should have a pool cover – it’s a “no brainer”.  🙂

The Daisy team are fantastic!

On Friday I asked for an order to be pushed through to help me out. Monday it was all followed through.

I know how hard it is this time of year so thank you.

Please make sure Lynda and the team know I called to say thanks

Thank you for your ongoing fantastic service

Hi and I just like to reiterate what I have told others and that is you have great quality pool covers and rollers, I love your covers and have recommended them


Today was our unveiling of the pool from its winter hibernation (removed the WinterKleen cover). We have had a very wet & windy winter here in the Southern Highlands of NSW. Wow were we impressed! – the pool was immaculate! The big floor filter was leaf free and apart from a few odd leaves floating on top that slipped off the blanket it was crystal clear. Thank you Daisy Pools for a  great product

Bundanoon NSW

Have received the pool covers, as you can see by the photos their purpose will be well utilized and fit good around the gathered lane ropes.
Thanks for the quick turnaround in production.

Photos in the Gallery 


The Daisy office staff are awesome!
They are always so happy and helpful, its great calling you guys

We just wanted to send you a quick thank you for your assistance. You have been very reasonable and helpful when the customer cancelled his appointments several times.

Please also pass on our thanks to the Daisy installer Shane who came out on site yesterday. He was extremely professional when dealing with the customer. He listened to his concerns and came up with a solution that the customer was happy with.

We appreciate the assistance that we receive from Daisy which is why we continue to sell your products

Hi Brett

Thank you for your training in the store last Friday morning. Great training session for Al and Lachlan in particular, much appreciated.

We just wanted to let you know how VERY pleased we are with our Daisy Winterkleen cover. We removed (easily) the cover this morning to add the three floats to elevate the cover to assist run off. It was pristine clean!

Not one leaf and you could see how dust had sat on top & not penetrated the cover into the water.

I know it’s only been on a week and a half but we have A LOT of autumn leaves dropping right now as well as being particularly windy.

We will certainly be very relaxed this winter knowing how well protected our pool is.

Many thanks again for all your help.


Shirley & Mick


Just some feedback on a recent install for Hawksbury Hydro.
The customer is extremely happy with both Lee and the installer Tony.
This was a tough one that required some lateral thinking and the work completed was 1st class.
The efforts of the guys from Daisy is very much appreciated.

Please ensure our thanks is passed on to the management of Daisy

Thanks for the very fast delivery, I ordered it on Saturday and it was delivered Tuesday

Hi Guy’s
I just wanted to thank you for the stunning cover and roller. The Titanium Green does look perfect for my pool area!

Just a quick email to say thank you, Shane the installer was fantastic and a true professional, thank you for your service

Our new Titanium Blue cover was fitted on our own pool today, the new material looks really good and the installer did a great job (much better than I would have done) Thanks to all concerned

Thank you very much for everything you have done in organising the pool cover for me. It has arrived safe and sound (thanks Kev) and looks great.

I really appreciate the time you have spent getting this sorted and now all I have to do is look forward to a good swimming season.

Take care. Thanks again.

Regards, Matt

Thank you so much for all your time and assistance with our pool cover box.  As you know the insurance claim was approved and all the repairs where carried out yesterday.
Thank you once again.
I would also like to commend Shane on his problem solving skills, professionalism and just being a genuinely nice person.  He is a great asset to your company and represents your brand with the up most respect and knowledge.  Nothing was a problem for him and his up beat attitude made the repairs of our pool cover box an easy one.

Earlier in the year I ordered a pool cover which when it arrived, was found to have quality defects on the tape welding.  The cover was returned with a request for replacement.

In due course not only was a replacement cover provided but it was also taped and sewn around the perimeter at no cost to me.

I am writing to express my thanks for the way in which the issue was handled and for Daisy going the “extra mile” to ensure I, as your customer, was satisfied with the product.  The company’s efforts were very much appreciated and the cover fits perfectly.  I appreciate the extra effort made by all involved. Please extend my gratitude and thanks.

You can be assured that the company’s efforts were well appreciated and that you have gained an ambassador for future sales.  I will be happy to recommend Daisy’s covers to family and friends in the future

Thanks Tony (Daisy Sydney installer) for having such a great personality and positive attitude. You sorted my concern out quickly and efficiently…and even gave me some good tips on how to get longer out of my Daisy

Our new pool blankets are efficient, magnificent and lightweight. Impressed with the blanket’s ability to maintain a consistent water temperature. Professional and efficient service.

Many thanks for such a prompt and comprehensive response to my dilemma. As a new pool owner I am learning new tricks every day- appreciate this information. Can I take the opportunity to acknowledge your website and wonderful customer service.

Thank you for your assistance in helping us choose a pool blanket. We appreciated your attention to detail, even over the phone!

Very pleased with the way problems are rectified. Cover fits extremely well.

Thank you for taking the time to train us on how to achieve strategies for our sales success. Thank you for your excellent delivery and patience.

Thank you for the great support and being awarded SPASA ‘Pool Shop of the Year’ was a pleasing result. Daisy is crucial to our success.

Thank you for the service you provided and we compliment you on your choice of tradesmen as they were all professional and courteous. You have also solved a five year problem of what was the coldest pool in Wanneroo.

Thank you for your prompt and excellent service. Your tradespeople did a great job and it was a pleasure to arrive home and find everything cleaned up (very rare these days). Thank you again!

Thanks for your help. I would like to commend the professional and friendly service from Daisy Pool Covers who made things very easy. I am very happy with the end result.

I could not be happier with your company’s attitude to customer service and pride in the quality of your product. I would happily recommend Daisy Pool Cover products to anyone I know because of your company’s professionalism and service extended to myself.

We are very happy with our product as not only will it extend our swimming season by a significant amount but over its expected life-span of around 5 years. It will probably pay for itself in the reduction of water charges. Thank you for providing a product that actually does all it was said to do!

We are not losing water as on previous months to evaporation and we are also saving on chemicals. The water temperature is higher and so more swimming time is enjoyed. We are confident that our pool cover cost will be replaced within this year. Thank you for your excellent product.

Our new pool blankets are efficient, magnificent and lightweight. Impressed with the blanket’s ability to maintain a consistent water temperature. Professional and efficient service.

The results of the cover and roller are fantastic! I swim at 10:30pm and the pool is one hundred percent, without a doubt, money well spent and increases pool time should you wish to swim late at night or early morning. Thank you for a job well done and for a product that works so well.

Daisy has provided a good quality product that also provides value for money. The solar heating system was also installed in a very professional manner. I would recommend Daisy to anyone interested in swimming pool heating.