Yay! Pool Party!!!

But what does it mean for the pool?

Having a pool party over the holidays is an awesome idea – just keep in mind that having a lot of people in your pool will have an impact. This is called the bather load (really!).

Bather loads and the impact on chlorine

Even though a Daisy pool cover will stop evaporation and reduce the amount of chemicals required, suddenly adding more people to the mix will impact the amount of chlorine used.

Chlorine is ‘used’ when it is actively sanitising and cleaning your water. The more people that jump in with body oils, sunscreen, sweat, cosmetics, and let’s not go on…, the harder the chlorine has to work to get rid of the nasties in the water. This means more chlorine is being used so you need to keep an eye on the chemical levels before and after your party.

Even in salt water pools?

Salt water pools use the salt chlorinator for producing chlorine to sanitise the pool. With a lot of people in it, it most likely won’t be able to keep up with the bather load without some help.

If you are having a party a great idea is to prepare your pool for the increased bather load before the party, then check again afterwards.

If you’re not sure how to make sure your pool is ‘party ready’, talk to your local pool expert for some great advice on preparing and maintaining your water.