Wow, what a start to the season!

Ramping up production earlier this year to meet high demand

With so many of the states and regions around Australia enjoying beautiful spring (well more like summer) weather, and the threatened El Nino expected to bring higher than average temperatures and lower than average rainfall throughout much of the eastern seaboard this year; the start of the summer season has been a busy time for Daisy.

Daisy has seen solid demand through most parts of Australia with an overall positive and enthusiastic outlook for not only the summer season but for the whole economy as well.

With such a positive outlook for this summer, along with the popular launch of our latest UltraDome+, Daisy is in full summer production a bit earlier this year to meet the increased demand. Don’t forget we’re here to help you capitalise on sales in as many ways as we can from innovative new products, awesome promotions, to quality service!

Doing our utmost, because we care about service.

To give you the very best of service we will do our utmost to custom-make your pool cover and dispatch your order within a day or two from order.

Customers having experienced our exceptionally speedy same day service during the quieter months may notice a slight change back to standard delivery times during the busy season. Regardless, you will still be blown away with our quality service and attentiveness.

Tracking and delivery

At this time of year, freight companies are approaching their peak period as well. This means they have a higher workload so we also work together and keep an eye on turnaround and performance.

Daisy invoices your order on the day it leaves the factory, either in Sydney or Perth. Pro-forma invoices are emailed when the order is input into the system; actual invoices are emailed straight after dispatch. If you notice a prolonged delivery timeframe from invoice date, just let us know so we can follow up on the delivery for you.

The best way to track your delivery is:

If you are not receiving your invoices or pro-formas make sure we have your correct email address, click here to check with us.