WinterKleen Proving to be a Year Round Clean!

We may have to look at changing the name of the WinterKleen because a WinterKleen is loved by any pool owner that has a leaf or any other debris problem – year round!


Pool owners will love you forever – regardless of season – when you show them what the WinterKleen can do for them … all year round! It saves hours of time over any season by keeping their pool clean. Effortlessly!

Removing the WinterKleen even if it is full of leaves is a piece of cake compared to trying to spend so many laborious hours cleaning the pool.


Since we extended the colour range to Blue, Green or Black, we have seen a steady increase in sales to the point where we have had to increase our production and resources to accommodate. Now well into spring, we are prepared for the steady growth in orders that will continue year – round for this popular product.


Before each WinterKleen is put into production we take extra special care and steps to make sure we get it right the first time.

A plan is drawn up on a special program to make sure we get the dimensions and shape right. We then email our retailers the plan with an authority to sign off (once again making sure that you and the pool owner agree with the size and shape before we make it). Once the plan has been signed off and returned, the Daisy sewing department springs into action to create their magic.


The Daisy sewing department does it all! They edge the covers, take care of wind skirting and make every WinterKleen to measure including any special modifications that we need to do for you. Believe me…they are kept very busy and they love it!

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