Saving time and guaranteeing a perfect fit using ‘dig templates’

Q. Why do fiberglass pool installers love dig templates?

A. Because it saves them time and it guarantees a perfect fit cost effectively!

A pool template can easily be laid out letting your customer visualise it in their very own backyard – a great advantage as they can see exactly where the pool will be even before they dig the hole! It confirms the location and pool positioning making it easy for the customer to approve it.

Making it easy for you. Daisy uses the same electronic 3D measuring point plotting and cutting method as used in our pre-cut technology to cut dig templates, which are cut-outs of the exact pool shape made out of special width builders plastic.

Your customer’s new pool template is laid out in their backyard, correctly placed as the outside is marked with marking paint. Once everyone is happy, digging begins!

This degree of accuracy and precision used in measuring and collecting the data guarantees a perfect fit for your customer’s pool every time – a win/ win for everyone and it’s not expensive given the time it saves you and the confidence it gives your customer!

Cost Effective

Up to 7m / RRP $56 + GST
Up to 7.1–10m / RRP $65 + GST
10.1m–Plus / RRP $74 + GST

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Note: Prices are valid as at date published.