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We’ll keep all your details safe for you so you don’t have to!

All Daisy products come with a pro-rata warranty and are dispatched with love from our warehouse with a Warranty Form and care and maintenance instructions.

Don’t risk losing your warranty information or waiting until your shopper docket has faded! Register your warranty now along with your proof of purchase.

By registering your warranty with us, we’ll be able to locate your purchase information in a heartbeat and provide you the support you need, pronto! 

We rarely get a warranty claim and hopefully with our high quality standards, you’ll never have to call us but just in case anything goes wrong we’re here to help you. We stand by our quality product.

Industry Leading Warranty of up to 10 years for Series 8 Pool Covers

The average life of a Series 8 pool cover is eight years. When installed and used correctly, your Daisy can last a lot longer!

To ensure you are getting the most of out of your Daisy, we offer you an extended pro-rata warranty of up to 10 years if your Daisy is installed by a Daisy Expert.

If you have a Series 8 pool cover that was installed by a Daisy Expert then you are eligible for the 10 year extended warranty. Please contact your local pool retailer to arrange for your Daisy to be installed properly by a professional. 

More on Daisy Warranties:

  • Our warranties are pro-rata month by month and the length of period differs from product to product.
  • Daisy will pay for the amount of time, up to the maximum warranty period, the customer does not achieve the desired results from their pool cover.
  • The customer pays for the period of time during which they used the product.
  • Our warranties are not redeemable for cash, only as a discount on a replacement cover purchase.
  • Quick summary of our pro-rata warranty coverage:

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  • S3 Series 3 (200um) UltraDomeTM            3 Years
  • S4 Series 4 (300um) UltraDomeTM            4 Years
  • S5 Series 5 (400um) UltraDomeTM            5 Years
  • S8+Series 8 (500um)UltraDomeTM+          8-10 Years
  • S8 Series 8 (500um) UltraDomeTM            8-10 Years
  • ThermoTech 3mm Foam                          8-10 Years[/pl_alertbox]

If you haven’t already registered your warranty with us, not a problem. The old system of providing your proof of purchase will work. We will not shy away from any quality issues we have. Never have and never will!

We hope you continue to love your Daisy as much as we do.

Have you received your Expert Login?

Making it easier to order and pay direct

Your new Expert Login has given many of you the opportunity to securely pay monthly accounts via the NAB credit card gateway. Not to mention the ease of placing orders directly to Daisy using the order functionality.

By simply logging on here you have direct access to the Expert Login area. For those who have used it, tell us what you think!

By the way, have you noticed the Warranty Registration area for your customer?

This is the easiest way for your customers to register their Daisy warranty and make sure they receive their 10 year pro-rata warranty on Series 8 pool covers when you install them.

Oh, did you miss the 10 year pro-rata warranty on Series 8 pool covers when you install them?

To receive the extended warranty, all your consumer needs to do is register their warranty, show their proof of purchase of the Series 8 pool cover and indicate that you installed it for them. Read about it here  or view the Pool Covers Warranty Form.

A new way to order and pay direct on

Shopping for your customers just got better…

Daisy Experts!

We’ve made a significant update to by adding a new secure Expert Login area especially for you, our Daisy Experts. For your convenience, you can now order and purchase our latest products from the same place, anytime.

This new login area will make it easier for you to order and purchase all your Daisy pool covers and rollers. We think this update will be a big improvement to the way you shop for your customers on

How does it work?
The Daisy Expert login is a simple and secure ordering and payment gateway supplied by NAB, simply login to:

  • Order direct to Daisy, place orders for all your pool covers and rollers
  • Secure pay your account via credit card.

Visit to see how simple and easy it is to order from Daisy and pay your account. A password protected login will be required so we will be sending you your own personalised login details by email so look out for it in your inbox very soon!

Please contact us at if you don’t receive your login details or if you have any questions on how it all works. We hope you benefit from this new functionality.