Daisy Dam Covers

Daisy Pool Covers recently released a Dam Cover range so that property owners can stop evaporation in their dams (where the water is covered).

Daisy recommends using the Dam Cover across most of the dam surface area and letting if float around, but not covering all of the dam so that water can still flow in, and livestock can still access the water as well as allowing rain to drain off the cover and into the dam.

Dam Covers ReadyDaisy has been quite busy since the Dam Covers range launched and they recently travelled to Dwellingup, WA to install a set of Dam Covers for customer Rob Hill.

They installed 5 of the 5.2 x 5.2m dam covers onto one dam and one Rob’s second dam.

Rob knows the evaporation rate in his dams and has been looking for a way to stop evaporation for a number of years now and he came across the Daisy Dam Cover on the Daisy website. Knowing that a physical barrier will simply stop evaporation, he knew the Daisy Dam Cover would work on his property.

Daisy Dam Cover Dwellingup

Rob said the covers were well-priced and so he ordered 6 to see how they would go.

When the Daisy team arrived to install the dam covers, Rob saw how easy they went on and the coverage they gave the water. For a physical barrier that will stop the evaporation, Rob thought they looked great!

The second dam only had one cover ordered and installed but after seeing the rest of the covers on his larger dam, Rob has ordered another 2 dam covers that he will install himself, after watching the Daisy team install the others.

Rob said, “It may not solve all my water problems, but it will definitely improve my situation. I’ve been looking for a solution for many years, and I think I’ve found it.”

With the white top and black bottom, a Daisy Dam Cover is not going to heat up the water. If anything, it’s going to help with algae growth. Rob thinks with his dams that the covers will stop some of the sunlight so the algae can’t grow as much.

Rob also said, I left it a bit late. I should have really put the covers on at the end of winter to stop the water loss but hey, at least I have done it now.”

Daisy Dam Cover

When the dam fills again (and the water rises) Rob said he will be right on the phone to order more covers. With the modular system of the Daisy Dam Covers, Rob said he wants to cover what surface area he can, so he saves as much water as possible.

Rob said he has spent so much money on the dams over the last 30 years and this is the first time he has been able to find something long-lasting that will stop the evaporation.

Rob can see plenty of people going for this style of Dam Cover to stop water loss and still allow animals and farmers access to the water.

Daisy Dam Covers are robust, but you must still be careful about anything sharp underneath the covers. A simple process makes it easy for any property owner to install: unfold, set up, tether together (if you wish) and then pull into place on the dam surface.

The Perfect Fit with Pre Cut and Dig Templates

If you have a pre-manufactured fibreglass style pool, Daisy can pre-cut the pool cover to size so you don’t have to.


Take the risk out of the equation. 

Daisy Dig Templates are useful in helping to accurately set out the pool location and mark out the dig on fibreglass pools.

Sales / Dig Templates are used to position the pool in the yard to get the sizing and positioning just right for your customer. It saves time and second guessing as your customer will be able to see the pool and what it will look like in its actual setting.

It’s a great sales tool as well as it guarantees a perfect fit for the pool cover – an easier sell!


What colour would you like?

Dig Templates are traditionally black in colour and made out of durable polyethylene (PE) material.  Because black is sometimes difficult to visualise as pool water, Daisy also has them in blue!

Find out more about the range. https://daisypoolcovers.com.au/new-dig-template-sales-tool-for-you/

Does the whole pool need to be covered?

Daisy makes it easier

When there are obstructions or irregular shaped pools, a question we are often asked is: how will we make it work?

For the customer this question can be for a number of reasons, their pool may be:

  • Free form pools that have a very irregular shape
  • Large step areas (or sections) that protrude in an unusual way
  • Step areas (or sections) that are inaccessible
  • Posts or pots obstructing the use of a roller
  • Not enough room for a roller full width.

Daisy CAN help (it’s even easier if you send a photo)! The aim of making a pool cover easier to use is so that the customer will actually use their pool cover.

If the pool cover is too hard to use then they will tend to leave it to one side and not worry about using it.

To make pool covers more user friendly, we may advise not to cover the whole pool area. It is ok to leave some parts uncovered for ease of use.

For some shapes we will advise to leave a section uncovered, the heat loss (lack of insulation) or lack of heating, and even the evaporation is a direct ratio of how much of the pool is covered to how much is uncovered.

The evaporation can only occur on the uncovered section, so if you have 95% of the pool covered they are stopping 95% of the evaporation. The trade-off for the small amount of evaporation far outweighs the customer actually being able to use the pool cover.

Sometimes the shape of the pool will equal the usage and the advice. Send a photo to Daisy for assistance and expert advice if your customer is ok for you to defer the advice to your supplier for special or unusual installations. Email us at hello@daisypoolcovers.com.au


New job opportunity for Daisy Experts

Commercial swim schools and pools are waiting for you!

How many commercial pools in your area… be it swim schools, physios, hospitals, hotels or shire pools?

Some of these commercial contacts need help, advice, or are just waiting for someone to talk with them to make their life easier.

And even better, they want to deal with an Expert in their area so there are local opportunities just waiting to be explored by you.

Easy to quote, great new job opportunity

Daisy supplies a complete range of Commercial Pool Cover and Roller Systems for all commercial applications. You don’t need to be the full bottle on covers to be the Expert, Daisy will help you along the way so you can give Expert advice, help them save money (in so many ways – water loss, heat loss, building maintenance for indoor pools… and the list goes on) and close sales.

Daisy will be there to support you as much as possible by supplying and backing you with all the right information, words and quotes to equip you and make you shine!

Just contact your local Area Manager or call the Admin Centre on 1300 55 18 11

Or email hello@daisypoolcovers.com.au

Keep safe with pool chemicals this summer

4 important tips to keep you safe

Without getting too technical about pool chemicals, you would have heard words like: disinfectants, oxidising agents, stabilisers and sanitising agents, along with good old chlorine.

There are some chemicals that have the ability to react with each other with some pretty nasty effects including fire and explosions. These reactions can be spontaneous at either room temperature or with slight heating.

Some pool chemicals can also be corrosive to both metal and our body. The effect on human tissue and metals depends on the chemical and the concentration so we want you to be as safe as possible to enjoy your pool. Here are four important tips to keep you safe:

  1. Always read chemical labels
  2. Never mix chemicals, even if they are the same brand
  3. Always add chemicals to water… not the other way around
  4. NEVER smoke around pool chemicals.

The chemicals used in and around your pool are perfectly safe to use if they are stored in a well ventilated cool dry place in closed containers out of the reach of children (and pets) and when handled correctly with appropriate personal protective equipment (especially glasses and gloves). We want to help make sure there are no nasty accidents so you can enjoy your pool with minimal fuss. Take care when handling all chemicals and always wash your hands with plenty of fresh water when you have finished and please especially avoid contact with your skin and eyes.

Remember… if you are not 100% sure how to handle any of your pool chemicals see your local pool shop for all the correct advice. Stay safe.

There has been some media attention around pools and adding chemicals; watch this video

Expert Tip: Make sure you have your resuscitation chart clear and visible in your pool area, not only in many parts of Australia it is a requirement, it can help you in a time of need to avoid panic and give lifesaving help.

So easy to quote

3 rules for quoting customers

Your customers look to you as being the Expert who can offer them the right solution to their specific pool-related problem. Experience tells us that when you give a tailored, decisive solution and an accurate quote, it increases your chance of converting sales.

As a start, it’s always important to ask your customer about their issue or desires first, listen to what they have to say and then address their concerns while providing them with an accurate quote.

Daisy has made quoting pool covers so easy! We use square meter pricing! All you have to do is measure the pool, then multiply the length by the width, and then by the square meter price. Learn about our best practice rules for quoting customers.

Square meter pricing – a quick guide

So a Series 3 pool cover for a 6.3 x 2.2 meter pool is: 6.3 x 2.2 x $9.55 = $132.36 retail price (RRP) for the pool cover.

At Daisy, we can do any size so even a Series 8 cover for a 16.4 x 6.6m pool is the same: 16.4 x 6.6 x $16.80 = $1,818.43 RRP.

Customers look to you for the solution. Here’s what to do: 

3 rules when quoting

  1. Simply ask what they are trying to achieve, listen, and then address their concerns and desires with your solution. Giving them the time to listen and the tailored solution removes any price objections.
  2. Supply solutions and pricing when you are quoting.
  3. Get used to being able to price any pool cover by knowing the m2 price of even just the Series 8… $16.80 m2.

Expert Tip:

When ordering, please just give us the pool size to make the pool cover without adding in any extra to allow for trimming the pool cover. Daisy adds on extra material in the length and width to give ample material to trim to the pool shape.

Titanium Blue or Green?

Find out which colour is most popular

We have continued to receive fantastic feedback on the new UltraDome+ Titanium range and customers are enjoying choosing from the new sophisticated blue and green colour set that they come in.

Blue or Green?! (Drum roll please…)

With overwhelming market approval for the latest Titanium Green (S8+ TG) pool covers, we have discontinued the old Series 8 Green product and now only supply the new Titanium Green.

With this latest evolution and our ongoing commitment to improving our products, we have also made new Green Eyelets to suit the unique Titanium Green material.


New Green Eyelets – Item Code #225

The new green eyelet has been colour matched with the Pantone colour chart to give us the closest possible colour, and it looks great!

This new eyelet is used for all green eyelets and is Item Code #225. The old style green eyelet will be discontinued moving forward.


Expert Tip:

We will do our best to make sure we supply the new green eyelets for all rollers and refit kits that are ordered with a Titanium Green pool cover.

To help ensure we get it right every time you order a new roller or refit kit for a Titanium Green pool cover, please note on the order the Item code number #225, or write ‘with green eyelets’ and we will make sure the eyelets suit your customer’s beautiful new pool cover.


It’s in the detail

We take care of the little things…

It’s the little things that make Daisy… Daisy. We’re passionate about what we do and don’t believe in a set and forget attitude. We’re constantly listening to you and actively evaluating the products we make and supply to ensure you and your customers are getting the very best quality product.

When we hear or see an opportunity to improve, we act on it! This is one of the many reasons that we can proudly stand behind the products we supply and give you the very best service.

With the launch of the new Series 8 UltraDome+ Titanium range it is probably worth looking back over the last year or so and share some of the finer improvements we have made that you may not have even noticed that keep Daisy industry leading and Australia’s favourite pool covers and rollers.

Little improvements we’ve made:

  • WinterKleen Cord and Fittings: Upgraded cord to 8 plat PP Australian made cord. We used to use a nylon ski rope that we found could slip through the fitting clamp so we sourced a better quality Aussie product that does not slip and is easier on your hand to use.

WinterKleen Cord and Fittings

  • WinterKleen Thread: We have ensured all WinterKleen thread used in our sewing machine utilises a special Teflon thread. This is hugely expensive however we know the thread will not fail. Thread failure was a problem with WinterKleens as they sit in or very close to the water and once the thread fails, the cover comes apart.
  • Pool Cover Master-Batch Compound: Upgraded the pool cover master-batch compound to make it slightly more pliable.
  • UTC Roller Tubes: All UTC roller tubes are now anodised. The anodising protects the tubes making them look nicer for longer and don’t discolour.
  • UTC Tube Sets: All UTC tuber sets now come with stainless steel self-drilling screws. To make installation quicker and easier no longer do you have to drill then drive in a screw, all UTC rollers are now standard with self-drilling screws.
  • Roller Range End Slugs: The entire roller range has been updated with solid end slugs with retaining bolt and washers. We have upgraded the end slugs from the hollow style with an internal retaining cap that could (over time) walk out, and from time to time during transportation could get damaged; to a solid shaft that has a thread in the end, that a 8mm stainless bolt and retaining washer can be securely fastened to.

Daisy Axle Holder

  • Over-Cover Material Now Australian Made. Daisy has been able to negotiate with an Australian manufacturer to make our over-cover material base stock, giving you and your customers a locally made top quality product. All 5 star over-covers are pre-made to the roller tube size.
  • 5 Star Roller Tubes Pre-Assembles Fixed Length Tube. This is nothing new but is so special giving you a fixed length roller tube that is totally pre-assembled making it a stronger, better roller tube not to mention installation is almost too quick and easy.
  • All Roller-Cover Connection Cords Australian Made. Once again nothing new here, but these are such good quality we know you won’t have a problem because we have been using these for over 30 years now.
  • Pre-Cut Measure and Remeasure. Constant pre-cut measure and remeasure of pool shells to make sure data is as accurate as possible. 

If you have any questions or feedback on any of these products improvements please get in touch with us directly or contact your Daisy Area Manager anytime. We’re here to help you.

Shhh… top secret…

A new one-of-a-kind pool cover soon to be released

As you know all Daisy quality pool covers use the trademarked UltraDome™ technology. Exclusive to Daisy, this world-leading bubble technology is what makes a Daisy pool cover insulate and last longer than any other.

Daisy UltraDome™ (the best type of pool cover in the world) is about to receive a face lift.

With the latest technology and innovation we have made the next biggest advancement in pool covers since… well, since UltraDomeTM.

We want you to feel good about selling the best type of pool cover technology available in the market.

Stay tuned – we will keep you informed as details emerge. In the meantime you can read more about our trademarked UltraDome™ technology here.

Saving time and guaranteeing a perfect fit using ‘dig templates’

Q. Why do fiberglass pool installers love dig templates?

A. Because it saves them time and it guarantees a perfect fit cost effectively!

A pool template can easily be laid out letting your customer visualise it in their very own backyard – a great advantage as they can see exactly where the pool will be even before they dig the hole! It confirms the location and pool positioning making it easy for the customer to approve it.

Making it easy for you. Daisy uses the same electronic 3D measuring point plotting and cutting method as used in our pre-cut technology to cut dig templates, which are cut-outs of the exact pool shape made out of special width builders plastic.

Your customer’s new pool template is laid out in their backyard, correctly placed as the outside is marked with marking paint. Once everyone is happy, digging begins!

This degree of accuracy and precision used in measuring and collecting the data guarantees a perfect fit for your customer’s pool every time – a win/ win for everyone and it’s not expensive given the time it saves you and the confidence it gives your customer!

Cost Effective

Up to 7m / RRP $56 + GST
Up to 7.1–10m / RRP $65 + GST
10.1m–Plus / RRP $74 + GST

Interested in hearing more – feel free to ask us.

Note: Prices are valid as at date published.