Summer Payback Winner – December

Our most recent Summer Payback winner has been chosen, and she couldn’t be happier!

Nicky from Carramar WA, purchased her 525B Pool Cover from Gareth at Jim’s Pool Care Carramar. Pictured below with Gareth from Jim’s and John from Daisy Pool Covers.

When we spoke with Nicky, she explained that they had never had a pool before moving into their current home. The pool needed a little bit of love and care to get it back to looking better than it did.

Nicky knew nothing about looking after a pool as she has never done this before. So, she called Jim’s Pool Care as she felt it was better for someone to come over and look at her pool.

Summer Payback Winner 2
Summer Payback Winner

Gareth from Jim’s Pool Care explained that if you are going to be using the pool constantly over a long period of time that it would be better to use Daisy Pool Cover, as they are the best in quality but also the best in support and services.

Nicky says that choosing Jim’s Pool Care and a Daisy Pool Cover was the best thing she has ever done as her pool looks great but has also learnt so much about how to look after her pool. Considering that she never knew anything about Solar Covers before and having Gareth recommend using Daisy, Nicky can see that it was the right choice for her family’s needs.

If that wasn’t a great enough outcome, Nicky went on to say that she never has won anything ever before! When Daisy Pool Covers told her that she had won her money back for her pool cover she just couldn’t believe it.

“Who gives anybody their money back by simply registering their warranty when purchasing their product,” Nicky said. She had to confirm with her husband that this was correct and not some sort of scam!

When her suspicions were made obsolete, Nicky was so happy that a company that she knew nothing about until recently were happy to giver her the purchase price back. Nicky is very happy that Daisy came through very quickly with their promise of what was won and she couldn’t be happier and has thanked everyone at Daisy Pool Covers involved.

Interesting Installations #2

In the lead up to December the team was busy out there installing new pool covers and rollers all around Australia. Some are straightforward, others are more of a challenge and we love that!


container pool with Daisy roller mounted

Daisy SQ Roller mounted on a Sea Container Pool.

Adjustable Roller Pre Cut ThermoTech Green

A pre-cut ThermoTech Green cover in two parts installed on a Daisy Power roller with adjustable leg.

Commercial Wall Mount Power CaddyWM

A Commercial Wall Mount Power - Caddy WM.

Roller Length of Pool

Roller installed along the length of the pool due to odd shape.

Daisy Power Adjustable leg hinged TTG green foam

The pre-cut ThermoTech Green cover rolled up on the Daisy Power roller.

525B MKII Faulconbridge NSW fold step in before rolling

525B Solar Cover with an MKII Roller and fold out cover area for step.

New job opportunity for Daisy Experts

Commercial swim schools and pools are waiting for you!

How many commercial pools in your area… be it swim schools, physios, hospitals, hotels or shire pools?

Some of these commercial contacts need help, advice, or are just waiting for someone to talk with them to make their life easier.

And even better, they want to deal with an Expert in their area so there are local opportunities just waiting to be explored by you.

Easy to quote, great new job opportunity

Daisy supplies a complete range of Commercial Pool Cover and Roller Systems for all commercial applications. You don’t need to be the full bottle on covers to be the Expert, Daisy will help you along the way so you can give Expert advice, help them save money (in so many ways – water loss, heat loss, building maintenance for indoor pools… and the list goes on) and close sales.

Daisy will be there to support you as much as possible by supplying and backing you with all the right information, words and quotes to equip you and make you shine!

Just contact your local Area Manager or call the Admin Centre on 1300 55 18 11

Or email

Daisy Helping Disadvantaged Kids

Can you help? 

Daisy’s Managing Director Derek Prince is teaming up with peers Marshall Tilby (Totally Workwear Chairman), Peter Scrivener (Loadex Hire General Manager) and Garth Munroe (Southwest Solid Surfaces Director) to take part in the 2015 Variety Creative Car Cruise taking place 19th – 22nd March to raise funds for Variety WA to help assist kids in need.

Derek and his team will be driving two vintage cars from Bunbury to Collie over the four-day cruise. There will be up to 40 cars participating in the popular annual event.

Huge thanks goes to many major Daisy suppliers have already kindly donated to the cause.

Before setting off on his journey, here’s what Derek has to say:

  • The main reason you’re participating? A business colleague knew I like my classic muscle cars and after he completed the event last year we spoke about the Variety cause and the opportunity to put something back into the community while still doing something we loved… the whole concept really appealed so thought I’d get involved for the first time this year.
  • So what’s the plan? We plan on having a bit of fun while raising money for sick, disadvantaged and special needs kids in WA.
  • What type of car will you be in? The car is a beautiful old 70 Ford Falcon XW GT.

How much money do you aim to raise? As much as possible, many of our suppliers have come on board and donated. We have many thousands donated already which is so amazing to see for such a great cause! Follow our journey with photos and updates on the Daisy Facebook page.

Community support for Fitzgibbon’s Jett Corson

Jett Corson, who suffers from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, is an inspiration to most people. His optimism and hard work was recognised six months ago, with the gift of a pool donated and specially built with the support of the community. Today, the community support continues for Jett with a further donation from Australia’s largest supplier of pool covers and rollers, Daisy Pool Covers & Rollers and national pool retailer Clark Rubber.

Jett’s mother Susan Anderson said “having the pool accessible at home has enabled Jett to do his hydrotherapy exercises over the last six months more easily. The special ramp has meant that he can get in and out of the pool himself which gives him both motivation and independence.”

“He’s been in the pool at least four to five times a week, even when it rains because it’s heated” she said. “It has really made a difference with his general mobility, weight stability and loosening his stiff and sore muscles”.

Realising the benefits of pool covers in helping to keep the heat in and save on heating costs, Jett’s parents welcomed the new pool cover and roller from Daisy.

“It will make an incredible difference and will lessen the expense of running the heater and chemicals needed to keep the pool in check, as well as help with water evaporation.” Susan said. “We’re so thankful and humbled by the generosity of Daisy and Clark Rubber getting involved and offering their support.”

Daisy Managing Director Derek Prince said Daisy was honoured to be involved.

“We wanted to help Jett and the donation of a Daisy Pool Cover will help keep the pool at optimum temperatures and minimise the family’s expenses and time” Derek said.

Clark Rubber Virginia Manager Michael Young also donated his time to install the Daisy Pool Cover and Roller.

Pre-cut Daisy Pool Covers and Dig Templates


The easiest and most effective pool cover that’s exclusive to your pool – be it made of fibreglass or from a pre-manufactured mould!

Daisy’s impressive range of Pre-cut Daisy Pool Covers and Dig Templates can be tailored to your unique pool shape and size.

We use an electronic 3D measuring point capturing device to measure the pool’s shape. All measurements are recorded electronically for precision computer plotting and cutting and help us to be able to reproduce a pool cover to the exact shape of the pool. This degree of accuracy used in measuring and collecting the data guarantees a perfect fit for your pool! Check out this video.

We use this same method to cut dig templates, which are cut outs of the pool shape made out of special width builders plastic. We lay out your new pool in your backyard to find out the correct placement, mark the outside with marking paint and then once everyone is happy, begin digging!

New selections of dig template shapes are added as soon as measurements become available.

Plus – they’re easy to install and can be installed by anyone. Many pool builders utilise this pre-cut service to save their installers time, in turn reduces double handling and the need to revisit the site after they have put the pool in.

Psst… here’s what one of our retailers thinks about the Daisy pre-cut pool cover service…

Ian Dickason Sales Manager at Cookes Pool and Spas in Mildura, Victoria, one of the largest pool builders in the Murray, says they have been using the pre-cut service over the last six months and believes it saves his customers significant time, money and, most importantly, ensures the pool cover will fit perfectly.

“Daisy Pre-cut Pool Covers have a $50 + gst premium however you will recover this outlay with the cost reductions associated with the pre-cut service. If you work out how long it will take to cut it out yourself, then you can easily realise the value for money,” Ian said.

“Pre-cut pool covers are cut using a laser so they are always accurate,” he said.

For more info on these pre-cut pool covers or if you have any other queries, feel free to contact us at

Pre-cut Pool Covers
Any size – RRP $50 + GST

Dig Templates
Up to 7m / RRP $56 + GST
Up to 7.1–10m / RRP $65 + GST
10.1m–Plus / RRP $74 + GST


Attention NSW Pool Owners

Attention all our NSW fans:

Time is running out for New South Wales swimming and spa pool owners to register their pools with the state or local government – you only have until 29 October! Failing to register means fines, and could impact your ability to sell or lease your house.

For more information, check the NSW pool registration website.


Tamworth Rebate

Tamworth Regional Council has introduced a $100 Daisy pool cover rebate through its Residential Water Saver Rebate Scheme.

The Daisy pool cover rebate is for 50% or up to $100.

The guide lines for the rebate state the pool cover needs to be Smart Approved Watermarked. All Daisy pool covers are Smart Approved Watermarked so all comply.

Click here for further information on the rebate.

The rebate is in place until 28th February 2014.