#BestPhotoBomb Challenge Produces Winning Results

What a summer! It really hotted up with another Daisy Challenge concluding on Valentine’s Day. .. and the love was really shared!

Yet again, the summer campaign in #BestPhotoBomb proved to be a MEGA BOOM with the January – February submissions steaming up with 19 videos and photos submitted.

The winner for the final month was Jason Ferguson and his son Zac from Perth, WA. Zac did so many things right in his video submission on Instagram – with the leap, thumbs up, dab and twist he had a lot going on! It was creative with a twist, and right on with our own Daisy roller in the background!

Our MD, Derek Prince was on hand to present Jason and Zac with the amazing prizes, a UE MegaBoom speaker (which Zac took ownership of immediately!) and $500 to spend at Pool & Spa Mart Bull Creek.

Jason first saw the Daisy Challenge on Facebook and on a sweltering Perth Australia Day, Zac and his dad decided to give it a go. They nailed the video first shot and posted to Instagram where it had over 700 views and comments to share the love! 

A winning summer!
This summer’s challenge proved a real winner again! The competition page drew over 3,000 visits over the 3.5 months and resulted in multiple product enquiries (passed on to our retailers). Perhaps most importantly it allowed thousands of pool owners to view and engage with our brand through social media – another way Daisy is helping you sell more!

We had unprecedented retailer support this year with hundreds of shares from our Daisy Experts – creating a win-win promotion and boosting sales potential even further. Pool & Spa Mart Bull Creek owner, Jacqui Cobanov-Burke has started actively promoting her business through social media in the past few months and has seen a significant increase in enquiries and sales. She said “the Daisy campaign was great to get involved with as all the promotion was done by Daisy. It was easy to flow that through to our social networks as Daisy has a fantastic product”. Jacqui continued “we really noticed the difference in Daisy sales when we were actively promoting them”.

The final result! …

Thousands of LIKES, SHARES and even more VIEWS! Year on year, we build greater engagement and win lots of Daisy fans and this summer, we were even more popular with 42 photo and video entries submitted. Check them all out at https://daisypoolcovers.com.au/bestphotobomb-entries.

Stay tuned in our next edition for more tips on how to make Social Media sell for you.

2017 #BestPhotoBomb Challenge Entries

In the summer of 2016/17 Daisy Pool Covers launched the #BestPhotoBomb Challenge.

The rules were simple – Hashtag your best bomb photo or video with #bestphotobomb, upload onto the Daisy Pool Covers Facebook page and/or Instagram, get lots of ‘Likes’ and be in the running to win an UE Mega Boom and $500 worth of pool maintenance and supplies each month of the challenge!

Check out the amazing entries below:

Daisy #BestPhotobomb Challenge Winners

Jan/Feb Winner


December Winner

Daddy is the self proclaimed bombie king at our house Clint Andrews ? #bestphotobomb

Posted by Anita Andrews on Sunday, 18 December 2016


November Winner

Other Entries:

[envira-gallery id=”5940″]

Congratulations to all our entrants. We  your photobombs!

Daisy’s High Social Standing

Daisy has you covered 24/7 with a social influence on most major platforms. Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google Plus and even watch our ‘how-to’ videos on YouTube.

You too can leverage the power of social media to build greater awareness for your store and the products you sell. Here’s some handy tips:

  1. Choose the right social media platform that will resonate and be relevant to your customer. Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are great for audiences sharing images of family fun or viewing and saving images of home design ideas.
  2. It’s all about content! Make sure you post relevant content that they are interested in. Mix it up with tips on pool maintenance and handy information on some of the products you sell. Add some promotional and sales incentives and get them to share these with their friends. You’ll soon find that you’ll start to grow your fan base.
  3. Keep it going. Make sure you keep your posts up on a regular basis. Try to strike that balance of keeping your brand top-of-mind whilst not being too annoying and blocking up their news feed. We find twice a week works for us.
  4. Risk management. You will need to ensure that you set your company page privacy settings to suit your business. Check out the age group, block obscenities and maybe allow nothing to go up on your wall unless you’ve approved it.
  5. If someone does post a comment or ask questions, treat them as it they’re actually talking to you personally. Answer them! Take negative comments offline by addressing their concerns by private messaging but do acknowledge this openly eg thank you for your concern. Feedback is important to us. We’ll be in touch soon by private message.
  6. Grow your base. Share our posts to create another great source of content for your own pages!

Hope this helps as a starting point.

2017 #BestPhotoBomb Entries

The Jan/Feb Challenge closes on February 14, so get bombing!

Find out how to enter the Jan/Feb Daisy Pool Covers #BestPhotoBomb Challenge @ daisypoolcovers.com.au/bestphotobomb.

Check out the previous winners below for some inspiration!

Search #bestphotobomb, LIKE your favourite entry on Facebook or Instagram or challenge your mates to do the best bombie to enter. SHARE THE  AND WIN!

December Daisy #BestPhotobomb Challenge Winner



November Daisy #BestPhotobomb Challenge Winner

Congratulations to all our entrants. We  your photobombs!

Find out how to enter the #competition @https://daisypoolcovers.com.au/bestphotobomb. Closes Valentines Day.

Retailers the Real Winners in Daisy Challenge

Derek Prince (MD of Daisy Pool Covers), November Daisy Challenge Winner Jess Turner from Jilliby, NSW and her dad John with her new UE MegaBoom speaker and $500 to spend on pool accessories at Splash’s Pools – Central Coast.

With the final #BestPhotoBomb Challenge draw coming up on 14th February, we asked our winning retailers how they engaged their customers and in turn became winners themselves.

Andrew Clubb (Store Manager of Splash’s Pools – Central Coast) says “the Daisy BestPhotoBomb Challenge was a great promotion to participate in this year. It created some excitement for our customers and it was excellent to see one of our customers take out the prize this year!”

He continued “Daisy contacted us to let us know that one of our customers was the November winner. We were obviously excited! Daisy then organised for the winner to be presented with their prize in our store and for photos to be taken. The photos were used to advertise not only the promotion, but our store too. They went up on the Daisy website and were placed all over Facebook for some great PR for our store.”

“The winner was overjoyed as they received a $500.00 in store credit as well as some other prizes. Excellent promotion.”

Our December winners, Anita and Clint Andrews from WA were also very excited with the win and very keen to use their $500 credit at Pool Logic, Malaga.

Anita Andrews Pool Logic Malaga
Derek Prince (MD of Daisy Pool Covers), Anita Andrews (accepting her UE MegaBoom speaker and $500 of pool supplies) and Pamela Shephard from Pool Logic, Malaga.

Pamela Shephard, Owner/Manager of Pool Logic Malaga said that the promotional material supplied by Daisy made it easy for her staff to tell customers about the competition when they came in for water testing.

Even though Pool Logic promoted the competition on their Facebook page, Pamela was quite surprised by the win – as they had not met this customer before. “It just goes to show that there is a bigger audience that we can reach to out there than the customers that we see instore. Social media can help those new customers find you!”

The Daisy #BestPhotobomb Challenge closes on 14th February, so make sure you SHARE THE  with your customers and your social media and you too could be a winner!

Check out the entries so far at https://daisypoolcovers.com.au/bestphotobomb-entries.

The Daisy Challenge is on!

Will your store be a winner?

Over the summer of 2016-17, Daisy has set the Challenge for the best Aussie bombie or photobomb! Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity this summer – stores the last two summers our winning not only had increased sales but great publicity… not to mention happy customers!

More about the Challenge

As well as a cool UE Megaboom speaker, the monthly Daisy #bestphotobomb Challenge Winners receive $500 from Daisy to spend in their local store.

To enter, participants hashtag their best Aussie photobomb or bombie photo or video with #bestphotobomb, upload onto the Daisy Pool Covers Facebook page and/or Instagram,  and get lots of ‘likes’ to be in the running to win one of three trendy UE Megaboom waterproof speakers and $500 worth of pool maintenance and supplies from their local Daisy Expert! That could be you!

As with previous years, Daisy will pay for these amazing Megabooms, and for the $500 each month to be spent in your store. You will get all the publicity and business if they choose your store! Visit the Daisy website for the official rules and more information.

By now, you should have received your point of sale material – tent cards to put on your counters and pocket cards to hand to your customers. It’s a whole lot of summer fun and it’s a great way to engage with your customers.

If you haven’t received your tent and pocket cards, contact your Daisy Area Manager:

VISIT US and SHARE our posts on your Facebook page. We’ll do the same!

Everyone Loves a Photobomb or a Bombie!


Commencing 1st November, the Daisy BEST AUSSIE PHOTOBOMB Challenge –#bestphotobomb– will launch nationally through social media. By now, you should have received your point of sale material – tent cards to put on your counters and pocket cards to hand to your customers. It’s a whole lot of summer fun and it’s a great way to engage with your customers.

About #bestphotobomb

The Challenge will run over three and a half months from 1 November 2015 to 14 February 2017 via Facebook and Instagram. Why 14 February – it’s Valentine’s Day and want to share the love!

To enter, participants hashtag their best Aussie photobomb or bombie photo or video (must be taken in or by a pool) with #bestphotobomb, upload onto the Daisy Pool Covers Facebook page and/or Instagram, and get lots of ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ to be in the running to win a BOOM of UE Megaboom waterproof speakers and $500 worth of pool maintenance and supplies from their local Daisy Expert every month over summer! It could be you!

Visit the Daisy website for the official rules and more information.

VISIT US and SHARE our post on your Facebook page. We’ll do the same!

If you haven’t received your tent and pocket cards, contact your Daisy Area Manager:

#bestaussieselfie has begun

Time to get involved!

As Australia’s favourite pool cover, we want you to have a bit of fun and sell more over the upcoming season! To help, we’re all set for another summer promo #bestaussieselfie!

Supporting this is a full-on digital marketing and social media campaign and of course, your point of sale tools. Have you got the A5 tent cards we sent displayed in your store? The pocket cards are also for you to keep in your pocket or in-store to help you start the conversation with your customers, and even your friends and family.

Feel free to give them away to encourage them to participate. There’s a very cool Apple Watch to be won each month! Spread the news!

That’s right! If one of your customers wins they get an Apple Watch and $500 of pool stuff to spend in store with you. Daisy will pay you $500 for your customer to use in store in any way they want… pool servicing, products and more; as long as you sell it they can buy it.

Get everyone involved by taking Aussie inspired selfies around the pool, sharing them on the Daisy Facebook page and Instagram. Feel free to post about the campaign on your own Facebook page, share and encourage people to enter. Plus, it gives you a fun point of interest to talk about in store.

Don’t forget to remind them to hashtag #bestaussieselfie to be in the running for these awesome prizes.


The campaign runs from 1st November 2015 right through to Australia Day 26th January 2016 via Facebook and Instagram.

If you have any further queries about the promotion or for more information on how to maximise promotional opportunities for your store, feel free to call your Area Manager or our Administration Centre on 1300 55 18 11. Otherwise please email us at hello@daisypoolcovers.com.au. We’re always happy to help.

Are you ready to get social?

With your customers of course!

We mean creating greater reach and online engagement with your customers which will lead to more direct sales for you, and for Daisy. With the huge success of the 2014/ 15 Daisy #bestsplashchallenge, we have another exciting new summer campaign on its way…

We have designed a cool and interactive 2015/ 16 summer campaign designed to interact with our customers and to help push them right into your shop so you can be social.

With great prizes and numerous tangible reasons to deal with you, we are looking forward to a truly amazing Aussie summer season… Watch this space…

Remember how we did last summer? The #bestsplashchallenge did well. We built an engaged audience around fun in the backyard pool, encouraging and doing what we all do… jump in and make a splash! You were involved and your support was excellent; many happy with us promoting their shop to their customers through a non-standard promotional medium.

The number of entrants over the three-month campaign exceeded our expectations, the exposure of the challenge to consumers was also beyond our expectations, and the interaction with our consumers was absolutely fantastic.

View here for a snapshot of our achievements last summer.

Digital becomes more important

The importance of adapting our marketing to the way our customers access information.

Over half of your consumers access and surf the internet on a mobile device. With retail sales becoming more competitive, what we want to do is to build our market share and stay right on track with our marketing.

Digital has become an important media, and mobile technology is rapidly spreading. At Daisy, we’re right on top of this and will help you stay on top of this too. All you need is to ask us through Daisy’s Facebook page or email us at hello@daisypoolcovers.com.au

Help your customers find you! Stay relevant and keep visible to our customers when they are looking for you and your products and services even if your shop is closed by making sure of the following:

  1. Your website is mobile friendly
  2. You use social media as the customers we’re targeting are
  3. Your brand and the service around it are relevant to them.

And while it’s tempting to dismiss the internet as too hard or too time consuming to engage with… even Google, the most valuable global brand in the world, has responded to this evolved user behaviour and has made changes to its search offering in order to stay ahead of the game.

This is a strong reflection of how the ever-changing digital environment is influencing the way our customers access information and the way we should be selling to our customers.

Google changes the field

Read more about Google’s recent announcement regarding the impact of their push for more responsive websites. Their recent post read:

“Starting April 21, we will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in our search results.”

This means that if you have an old non-mobile friendly website, that it will likely lose ranking on Google from later this month.

Google have released this handy tool for you to check your website.

Here to help:

Send any questions you have at the Daisy’s Facebook page or email us at hello@daisypoolcovers.com.au