Daisy to Exhibit SPASA Pool & Spa Expos Nationally

Helping our clients to sell more will be the focus of Daisy’s exhibits. We will be at the Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland shows showcasing new and key products, answering any questions, providing sales tips and assisting with quotes.

You can find us at:
SPASA Pool and Spa Expo (Vic) February 2 – 4
SPASA Pool Spa and Outdoor Living Expo (NSW) March 3 – 4
Pool Spa and Outdoor Living Expo (QLD) May 26 – 27

We don’t sell direct to the public but we do support our retailers on the ground with brochures, POS, promotions, online and social marketing and more! At the SPASA shows, we will be showcasing new and key products, and will have our experts on hand to help you upsell and close sales!

Ask us for help with quotes, product information or even just come over to say hello! Get handy hints on what to upsell and when (like a refit kit or a new white over cover).

Just another way Daisy helps you sell more. See you soon! <3


From unusual installs, to spectacular backyards, Daisy Experts have covered a lot of ground around Australia showcasing challenging, interesting and even unusual installs of pool covers and rollers.

The Daisy Gallery shares a vast variety of past installs in both commercial and domestic pools, with all sorts of our pool covers, WinterKleens and rollers including End Mounts, Daisy Power and the Under Bench Rollers. We have even seen an AGA roller on one end over an embankment with a standard ST on the other end!

Shared inspiration

We love to showcase all the different installations to show the diversity of Daisy and in turn, provide inspiration to help you sell more.

From super thin lap pools, weird shaped pools, bridges built over pools, two covers and rollers on one pool, intricately designed pools, along with beautiful locations and more… share your installs and inspire!


Take a photo of your installs and share! Send it to us we’ll share it on Instagram and Facebook, as well as place it in our Daisy Gallery.

Alternatively, post your photos on our Facebook page, tag us on Instagram or email us @ hello@daisypoolcovers.com.au.  We love seeing your work – KEEP BRAGGING!

Daisy Under Bench Roller is a hot seller

What a launch!

Recently released, the new Daisy Under Bench Roller has been selling fast … in the middle of winter!

Set to be this summer’s hottest seller!

With summer just around the corner, it’s a perfect time to focus on a high selling and on trend product to max your sales. To help you sell more, here are some answers we have put together to some FAQs.

  1. Custom made: We custom make every Under Bench Roller to suit the pool. That’s right, order the UBR to the right pool measurements and we custom build the unit to suit.
  2. Two easy price points: For all 3 colour models, there is a price for a UBR to suit a pool width up to 2.8m and another price for over 2.85m and up to 6.0 meters wide.
  3. How to price: It’s simple! For example – if you have a 4.0m wide pool, the price is for the large size (up to 6.0m) but Daisy will make the UBR seat 4.5m long with a tube length 4.25m long. We are trying to make it as easy as possible for you to sell and for your customers to get exactly what they need
  4. C sections: The small size (up to 2.8m pool) has 1 centre C section while the large size has 2 centre C sections
  5. Height and weight: The UBR has a standard seating height 510mm and is 505mm wide
  6. The hand wheel can be mounted on either size
  7. It can be installed up to 1 meter away from the pool
  8. There are three colour combinations of leg and bench:
    • Clear Anodised seat bench with powder coated anodic colour frames and seat end caps
    • Light Oak wood look powder coated aluminium seat bench with powder coated black colour frames and seat end caps
    • Western Red Cedar wood look powder coated aluminium seat bench with powder coated black colour frames and seat end caps

      The winner! The Western Red Cedar has been the most popular since the release to date.

  9. No Over Cover is needed. The seating planks fully protect the pool cover from the sun
  10. The UBR is supplied fully drilled ready to assemble in a flat pack. Installation requires bolting the unit together and then to the ground. We supply the masonry drill bit and anchors to bolt it down
  11. Dispatch is normally within 4 working days, not the normal next working day. If there is a pool cover with the UBR all items will be dispatched together
  12. Want power – stand by! It’s in the pipeline with the timing tbc
  13. Retro fit? The UBR is custom made to the pool size and the tube needs to fit correctly between the frames, so unfortunately it can’t be retro fitted
  14. Demos are available at a cost recovery price. If you are interested contact your Daisy Area Manager


Thanks to those who have already sent through photos after installation. We use these photos and Facebook posts to promote the product and also your business, so please keep sending photos through or tag us @Daisy Pool Covers on your Facebook posts.

Step Area Tips

Step areas are often tricky business when it comes to pool cover quoting. Let us help simplify the process and share some tips to make it easier for you to measure, quote and answer those difficult questions.

Some frequently asked questions:

What do you mean ‘step area’?

Every Daisy pool cover is custom made and welded in rectangles. If there is a portion of the pool that protrudes out from the main body eg the steps, we can weld on rectangles to cover these sections. The terminology ‘step area’ is the term used to describe the section of the pool cover that we weld to the side.


What if I have a swim out and not a step area?

It does not matter if the section protruding out is a swim area, spa or anything else. For all pool covers, this is still treated as a ‘step area’. We like to keep it simple!


What is the difference between a left or right step area?

Typically a step area is located near one of the corners. If you are sanding at the step area end and looking at the pool, the step area is usually either to your right or left. If it is by your right foot, we call this a Right Hand step area; on the left side, it is the Left Hand step area.


Does it matter where my step area is?

As long as we can locate where the ‘step area’ is, we can weld the additional rectangle to the main body of the pool cover.


What if I have more than one step area?

If you have more than one step area, say you have actual steps on the right as well as a protruding spa also on the right but at the other end of the pool, we would call then a Right Hand step area with a Right Hand Top step area.


How do I best measure up for a pool cover?

When you measure a step area, remember we make the pool cover in rectangles, so we need the length and width of the main body of the pool, then the length and width of the step area. We then weld the two rectangles together to have the one cover.

We will also need to know where the step area or areas are e.g. left or right and if at the end of a pool or somewhere else. If at the end of the pool, we’ll need to know how far from the end of the pool cover it is.


What if I have a different shaped pool?

Don’t worry if you have a unique pool – even if it has lots of curves! All we’ll need is the maximum length and width of the pool and we’ll supply a rectangular cover for on-site fitting.

To measure a step area, remember we are adding it to the main body of the pool cover. If the step area does come outside of the main body, simply measure how long and wide the step area is.

If the step area inverts inwards and it is not further out than the main body, then you don’t need any extra material to cover it. You’ll just have to trim away the excess.

If the pool is tricky, simply take a photo and sketch then email it through to hello@daisypoolcovers.com.au. We’re always there to help.


Why are the pool cover supplied from Daisy rectangular?

By supplying our pool covers trimmed and welded as rectangles, you’ll get the one pool cover almost ready to go. All you have to do is trim to exact requirements on site using the swimming pool as the real life template. This minimises the risk if you have a slight difference in your measurements and ensures less mistakes and wastage. Oh and we have Daisy scissors to help if you need a pair.


Do you cover a step area or not?

Generally the answer will be yes.

However, if the step area is particularly hard to get to every time you roll up the cover then we would advise not to cover it. Likewise, if there is a centre step area section, like a seat built into a wall, that is hard to get to, we would also advise to leave this step area uncovered to make using the pool cover easier.


How do I price up a step area?

Pricing a step area is the same as pricing the pool cover. Simply multiply the length by the width (to get the square meters), add the square meters of the step area to the square meters of the main pool size. Multiply the total square meters by the cover price and you’ve got it!

Saving costs: Don’t just take the maximum width of the pool including the step area as the width because once you have cut out the step area there will be a lot of wasted material that the customer has paid for.


How do I roll up a pool cover with a step area?

Step areas are normally at the shallow end while rollers are normally located at the deep end away from the entry and exit to the pool.

To recover the pool cover, fold the step area over onto itself to create a clear line of sight to the roller, then roll up the pool cover.  Folding and leaving the step area folded when it is on the roller is fine.


What are the limitations to having a step area?

In rare cases, the step area is located at the roller end, which means that it will need to be folded at the beginning of the roll. This is not ideal as it will create an uneven roll and will always veer off one way.

The size of the step area can also be a challenge. It is hard to fold a step area that is over 2–3 meters long or over 1m wide.

We can weld a step area to any size, however folding larger step areas can be awkward.


Help is an email away.

If you need help in any way please don’t hesitate to contact us at hello@daisypoolcovers.com.au.

Just leave a quote…

Let your customers know you supply pool covers

In today’s digital world, the old saying ‘look after your customer or someone else will’ could not be more true!

Today’s consumer is more educated and has more information at their fingertips so as a service orientated industry we must constantly tell them what we do, along with what we can do for them.

A lesson learnt a few years ago was in the drought era, when a customer walks in-store – unless you 100% know that they have a pool cover – you would offer them one. Along with most savvy service people, when they turned up onsite, if there was not a pool cover there they would simply leave a quote for one.

The people that adopted this mentality would sell a whole lot more pool covers and rollers than those that waited for their customers to find out about covers and ask them.

Today we don’t have the same drought but the theory does not change, let you customers know regularly what products and services you have available… you don’t want them ‘finding’ a product you supply elsewhere as this is a fast way to lose a good customer, so keep informing them by word of mouth, emails, SMS or even simply by leaving a quote.

A great way some people achieve this is by having a product of the month, whether it be a Daisy pool cover, a pool cleaner, monthly onsite service or anything else make sure everyone who has any contact with the consumer all offer the product of the month, just a way to keep your customer informed what you do and to open conversations to help you sell more.

Want to have a further conversation about this?

Contact Derek at the Admin Centre derek@daisypoolcovers.com.au  or your local Area Managers:

Lee lee@daisypoolcovers.com.au
Brett brett@daisypoolcovers.com.au
John john@daisypoolcovers.com.au

With all new things, good things come

Get the lowdown on our pool cover range shake up

With the introduction of Daisy’s new Titanium pool cover range and the huge consumer acceptance for this new cover technology, Daisy has embarked on a product range shake up!

Over the last few months, we have been hard at work making some cool new improvements and changes (that your customers will love) to our pool cover range, including a brand new non-heating cover…

Solar Cover Product Upgrade

S8 Silver BackNow gone!

S8 Green – Upgraded to Titanium Green (TG+)

S8 Solar Screen – Daisy has unlocked the next generation of non-heating pool covers and is now upgrading this cover to a brand new reflective, non-heating pool cover.

The unique reflective properties means the new S8TC will reflect the sun’s heat while not absorbing it into the pool cover material, so it transits virtual zero sunlight and heat into the water. 

Why this non-heating technology is better:

  • Total sun block out
  • Evaporation and cooling control
  • Modern colour looking better (and cooler) for longer.

More information on this new product to come! A complete shake up of standard blue pool covers is also imminent so stay tuned. Daisy is aiming to make a product range that is clear and concise to make supplying a Daisy as easy as possible.

Feel free to get in touch for a sneak peak – call on 1300551811 or email us at hello@daisypoolcovers.com.au

How much for a pool cover?

Daisy Expert best answer: What are you trying to achieve?

This #1 question from our customers only has one reply… That’s great, so what are you trying to achieve?

Before we blindly quote a price, it is up to us as Experts to find out what solution our customer is after by spending time with them to find out what they really want.

After all that’s what they are looking for and are coming in to your store to ask for advice… not the cheapest price!

Quality time spent together to gather enough information to provide solutions is how to win sales. No, we don’t mean at the cost of driving price down; it’s so we can be on the same wave length as our customer.

Ask questions! Query your customer to find out their desires or problems so you can tailor your response and recommendation. By doing this, you will have your customer saying ‘yes, I want that one’ before any price is mentioned.

Query your customer until they divulge what they want, they don’t know how to buy from you so the ‘how much for a pool cover’ question is not asking you to give a dollar amount, it is a question stating that they have a need for something from us and now it is up to us to fulfil that need or desire.

Want to know more, ask your Daisy Area Manager for some upskill training and techniques to assist you in getting sales over the line, or call the Admin Centre on 1300551811 or hello@daisypoolcovers.com.au

#bestaussieselfie has begun

Time to get involved!

As Australia’s favourite pool cover, we want you to have a bit of fun and sell more over the upcoming season! To help, we’re all set for another summer promo #bestaussieselfie!

Supporting this is a full-on digital marketing and social media campaign and of course, your point of sale tools. Have you got the A5 tent cards we sent displayed in your store? The pocket cards are also for you to keep in your pocket or in-store to help you start the conversation with your customers, and even your friends and family.

Feel free to give them away to encourage them to participate. There’s a very cool Apple Watch to be won each month! Spread the news!

That’s right! If one of your customers wins they get an Apple Watch and $500 of pool stuff to spend in store with you. Daisy will pay you $500 for your customer to use in store in any way they want… pool servicing, products and more; as long as you sell it they can buy it.

Get everyone involved by taking Aussie inspired selfies around the pool, sharing them on the Daisy Facebook page and Instagram. Feel free to post about the campaign on your own Facebook page, share and encourage people to enter. Plus, it gives you a fun point of interest to talk about in store.

Don’t forget to remind them to hashtag #bestaussieselfie to be in the running for these awesome prizes.


The campaign runs from 1st November 2015 right through to Australia Day 26th January 2016 via Facebook and Instagram.

If you have any further queries about the promotion or for more information on how to maximise promotional opportunities for your store, feel free to call your Area Manager or our Administration Centre on 1300 55 18 11. Otherwise please email us at hello@daisypoolcovers.com.au. We’re always happy to help.

It’s in the detail

We take care of the little things…

It’s the little things that make Daisy… Daisy. We’re passionate about what we do and don’t believe in a set and forget attitude. We’re constantly listening to you and actively evaluating the products we make and supply to ensure you and your customers are getting the very best quality product.

When we hear or see an opportunity to improve, we act on it! This is one of the many reasons that we can proudly stand behind the products we supply and give you the very best service.

With the launch of the new Series 8 UltraDome+ Titanium range it is probably worth looking back over the last year or so and share some of the finer improvements we have made that you may not have even noticed that keep Daisy industry leading and Australia’s favourite pool covers and rollers.

Little improvements we’ve made:

  • WinterKleen Cord and Fittings: Upgraded cord to 8 plat PP Australian made cord. We used to use a nylon ski rope that we found could slip through the fitting clamp so we sourced a better quality Aussie product that does not slip and is easier on your hand to use.

WinterKleen Cord and Fittings

  • WinterKleen Thread: We have ensured all WinterKleen thread used in our sewing machine utilises a special Teflon thread. This is hugely expensive however we know the thread will not fail. Thread failure was a problem with WinterKleens as they sit in or very close to the water and once the thread fails, the cover comes apart.
  • Pool Cover Master-Batch Compound: Upgraded the pool cover master-batch compound to make it slightly more pliable.
  • UTC Roller Tubes: All UTC roller tubes are now anodised. The anodising protects the tubes making them look nicer for longer and don’t discolour.
  • UTC Tube Sets: All UTC tuber sets now come with stainless steel self-drilling screws. To make installation quicker and easier no longer do you have to drill then drive in a screw, all UTC rollers are now standard with self-drilling screws.
  • Roller Range End Slugs: The entire roller range has been updated with solid end slugs with retaining bolt and washers. We have upgraded the end slugs from the hollow style with an internal retaining cap that could (over time) walk out, and from time to time during transportation could get damaged; to a solid shaft that has a thread in the end, that a 8mm stainless bolt and retaining washer can be securely fastened to.

Daisy Axle Holder

  • Over-Cover Material Now Australian Made. Daisy has been able to negotiate with an Australian manufacturer to make our over-cover material base stock, giving you and your customers a locally made top quality product. All 5 star over-covers are pre-made to the roller tube size.
  • 5 Star Roller Tubes Pre-Assembles Fixed Length Tube. This is nothing new but is so special giving you a fixed length roller tube that is totally pre-assembled making it a stronger, better roller tube not to mention installation is almost too quick and easy.
  • All Roller-Cover Connection Cords Australian Made. Once again nothing new here, but these are such good quality we know you won’t have a problem because we have been using these for over 30 years now.
  • Pre-Cut Measure and Remeasure. Constant pre-cut measure and remeasure of pool shells to make sure data is as accurate as possible. 

If you have any questions or feedback on any of these products improvements please get in touch with us directly or contact your Daisy Area Manager anytime. We’re here to help you.

10 year warranties when you install a Daisy!

Another solid reason for your customer to deal with you

Daisy is helping your business by offering a 10 year pro-rata warranty to your customers when you install a 525 pool cover. This extended warranty offer shifts the emphasis on the speciality and quality service aspect of your business. It also creates another solid reason for your customer to deal direct with you.

As a specialist you know how to look after the water chemistry and give the right advice… so when you, as a Daisy Expert, sell and install a Series 8 pool cover your customer will receive a 10 year pro-rata warranty. This is two more years of cover than the existing pro-rata warranty for our Series 8 pool covers.

To receive the extended warranty, all your consumer needs to do is register their warranty, show their proof of purchase of the Series 8 pool cover and indicate that you installed it for them. So simple!

See what the Warranty Registration Form looks like here.