How Cool is a Pre Cut Pool Cover?

Custom cut pool covers are a winner not only for good looks (which come with a good fit), but saves you time and wastage.

For accurately measured pools or pre-manufactured fibreglass pools (where we have the data), Daisy can use ‘the machine that goes bing’ to pre-cut for you.

Whether you want your solar pool cover cut to shape, or your Thermotech foam cover cut out or even a black dig template or blue sales template cut out Daisy can cut it out BEFORE you get it.

Check out the video to see how easy Daisy makes it look!

Daisy has invested a huge amount of time and resources to make your life easier – just one more way that Daisy is helping you sell more.

Converting Quotes to Sales

Do you present quotes in person or by email or phone?

How do you get the sale after presenting the quote or even better when you’ve just measured up?

Let’s see how we can help to increase your strike rate…

An email won’t close the sale

Get personal! People like dealing with people and it’s harder for them to say no if you’re in front of them!

If you or your installer has already made the effort to measure up the pool, don’t email them the quote. It’s way too easy for an email to be overlooked or disregarded. If you are in front of your customer to present and explain the quote they are more likely to order from you, especially if you ask for it!

Get poolside with your customer and present your quotes in person.

You will get the best outcome by going over the proposal at their home, even if this is a second visit. Is it more effort? Of course it is…but not compared to burning hours of work quoting then losing jobs for some unknown reason.

Be professional and be prepared

The best way to close more sales when quoting a pool cover is to:

  1. make an appointment when your customer is home
  2. turn up on time
  3. ask what they trying to achieve with the pool cover and roller
  4. give them great advice and an informed solution
  5. and only then measure the pool.

Service is what it is all about, it’s not about price – it is value perception.

Once you have measured the pool and completed the simple calculation to get the price, write down on your quote form the recommended retail + roller + installation and ideally, then and there, present it to your customer.

Ask for the order

Believe it or not, actually asking for the order gets more conversions. Don’t just give them a quote.

If your customer has asked you into their backyard to quote, they want a pool cover. If you have done your job in offering the right solution, don’t leave them hanging by handing them a quote and saying something along the line of “let me know if you want to go ahead”.

Now you have all the information at hand, you can confidently ask for the order. Getting a sale is as easy as saying:

  1. Do you want me to arrange delivery only or would you like it installed?
  2. Shall I have it delivered to the shop or directly here?
  3. Do you want the 525 Blue or Titanium blue?

Then just proceed with writing out the order!

If nothing else – simply say “shall I arrange it for you now then?”

Checklist to close the sale

To close the sale and get the order when you have made the appointment you will need:

  • The customer to be at home
  • Quote form (yours or Daisy’s – see the last page of Yearbook)
  • Daisy Yearbook – it has all the information you need on hand
  • Daisy brochure – a great selling tool
  • Daisy sample swatch – nothing like being able to look & feel
  • 30m tape measure – handy!
  • Product knowledge – ask for Daisy training if you need it

Don’t assume your customer knows how to buy from you.

By helping them through the sales process, you are giving them what they want each step of the way; and you’re actually saving them time by getting the order when you’re there! Be confident in your product and service!

Ask your Daisy Area Manager for some sales training or more information:

Retailers the Real Winners in Daisy Challenge

Derek Prince (MD of Daisy Pool Covers), November Daisy Challenge Winner Jess Turner from Jilliby, NSW and her dad John with her new UE MegaBoom speaker and $500 to spend on pool accessories at Splash’s Pools – Central Coast.

With the final #BestPhotoBomb Challenge draw coming up on 14th February, we asked our winning retailers how they engaged their customers and in turn became winners themselves.

Andrew Clubb (Store Manager of Splash’s Pools – Central Coast) says “the Daisy BestPhotoBomb Challenge was a great promotion to participate in this year. It created some excitement for our customers and it was excellent to see one of our customers take out the prize this year!”

He continued “Daisy contacted us to let us know that one of our customers was the November winner. We were obviously excited! Daisy then organised for the winner to be presented with their prize in our store and for photos to be taken. The photos were used to advertise not only the promotion, but our store too. They went up on the Daisy website and were placed all over Facebook for some great PR for our store.”

“The winner was overjoyed as they received a $500.00 in store credit as well as some other prizes. Excellent promotion.”

Our December winners, Anita and Clint Andrews from WA were also very excited with the win and very keen to use their $500 credit at Pool Logic, Malaga.

Anita Andrews Pool Logic Malaga
Derek Prince (MD of Daisy Pool Covers), Anita Andrews (accepting her UE MegaBoom speaker and $500 of pool supplies) and Pamela Shephard from Pool Logic, Malaga.

Pamela Shephard, Owner/Manager of Pool Logic Malaga said that the promotional material supplied by Daisy made it easy for her staff to tell customers about the competition when they came in for water testing.

Even though Pool Logic promoted the competition on their Facebook page, Pamela was quite surprised by the win – as they had not met this customer before. “It just goes to show that there is a bigger audience that we can reach to out there than the customers that we see instore. Social media can help those new customers find you!”

The Daisy #BestPhotobomb Challenge closes on 14th February, so make sure you SHARE THE  with your customers and your social media and you too could be a winner!

Check out the entries so far at

Daisy Has You Covered Over Christmas

Pre-Christmas delivery orders by Friday 16th December

Like Santa, Daisy dispatches to all corners of the country. With manufacturing facilities in Perth and Sydney, we have it covered on our end.

Less predictable are our busy Australian freight-elves! So depending where the order is being sent, as a general rule pre-Christmas deliveries should be ordered by Friday 16th December for dispatch by Tuesday 20th December.
Daisy will process and manufacture orders up to, during and after this timeframe so later orders received may well still be delivered before Christmas.

Normal delivery schedules should resume from 4th January 2017.

Christmas non closure…supporting you in your busiest times

Daisy will be closed for public holidays only. That means we will be open and available to help with information, training, orders, manufacture and dispatch over the period.

Catch up with your Daisy Area Manager talk about holiday period delivery and support in your area:

Local Area Managers


Keep in touch over Christmas through Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. We’ll do the same!

#bestaussieselfie ends Australia Day

#bestaussieselfie ends Australia Day

Last chance for your customers to enter!

#bestaussieselfie has achieved excellent traction so far and we’ve have received some really great entries.

The summer promotion ends on Australia Day so get some further interaction with your customers, let them know the promo is coming to an end and get them involved by entering their best Aussie inspired selfie by their pool, who knows, they might win… then you can win as well.

We’ve had two winners already for November and December – Daisy has given away two Apple iWatches and two prizes of $500 to be spent by our winners in their Daisy Expert’s store. Yes, Daisy credits the store $500 so the winner can spend the money in any way they like.

Check out our winning December entry from Rio Giannopoulos from Victoria who is spending his $500 prize at winning Daisy Expert Poolwerx Moorabbin.

#bestaussieselfie has been designed to engage with our customers, and to have a bit of fun with us and around their pool. It all helps build solid relationships with our customers… our pool shops… and Daisy.

Most of all, it’s a great opportunity to interact with your customers, keep relevant in their minds and be their go-to person for all pool information, advice, service, supplies and fun! Thanks for your continued support.

Wow, what a start to the season!

Ramping up production earlier this year to meet high demand

With so many of the states and regions around Australia enjoying beautiful spring (well more like summer) weather, and the threatened El Nino expected to bring higher than average temperatures and lower than average rainfall throughout much of the eastern seaboard this year; the start of the summer season has been a busy time for Daisy.

Daisy has seen solid demand through most parts of Australia with an overall positive and enthusiastic outlook for not only the summer season but for the whole economy as well.

With such a positive outlook for this summer, along with the popular launch of our latest UltraDome+, Daisy is in full summer production a bit earlier this year to meet the increased demand. Don’t forget we’re here to help you capitalise on sales in as many ways as we can from innovative new products, awesome promotions, to quality service!

Doing our utmost, because we care about service.

To give you the very best of service we will do our utmost to custom-make your pool cover and dispatch your order within a day or two from order.

Customers having experienced our exceptionally speedy same day service during the quieter months may notice a slight change back to standard delivery times during the busy season. Regardless, you will still be blown away with our quality service and attentiveness.

Tracking and delivery

At this time of year, freight companies are approaching their peak period as well. This means they have a higher workload so we also work together and keep an eye on turnaround and performance.

Daisy invoices your order on the day it leaves the factory, either in Sydney or Perth. Pro-forma invoices are emailed when the order is input into the system; actual invoices are emailed straight after dispatch. If you notice a prolonged delivery timeframe from invoice date, just let us know so we can follow up on the delivery for you.

The best way to track your delivery is:

If you are not receiving your invoices or pro-formas make sure we have your correct email address, click here to check with us.

Have you received your Expert Login?

Making it easier to order and pay direct

Your new Expert Login has given many of you the opportunity to securely pay monthly accounts via the NAB credit card gateway. Not to mention the ease of placing orders directly to Daisy using the order functionality.

By simply logging on here you have direct access to the Expert Login area. For those who have used it, tell us what you think!

By the way, have you noticed the Warranty Registration area for your customer?

This is the easiest way for your customers to register their Daisy warranty and make sure they receive their 10 year pro-rata warranty on Series 8 pool covers when you install them.

Oh, did you miss the 10 year pro-rata warranty on Series 8 pool covers when you install them?

To receive the extended warranty, all your consumer needs to do is register their warranty, show their proof of purchase of the Series 8 pool cover and indicate that you installed it for them. Read about it here  or view the Pool Covers Warranty Form.

A new way to order and pay direct on

Shopping for your customers just got better…

Daisy Experts!

We’ve made a significant update to by adding a new secure Expert Login area especially for you, our Daisy Experts. For your convenience, you can now order and purchase our latest products from the same place, anytime.

This new login area will make it easier for you to order and purchase all your Daisy pool covers and rollers. We think this update will be a big improvement to the way you shop for your customers on

How does it work?
The Daisy Expert login is a simple and secure ordering and payment gateway supplied by NAB, simply login to:

  • Order direct to Daisy, place orders for all your pool covers and rollers
  • Secure pay your account via credit card.

Visit to see how simple and easy it is to order from Daisy and pay your account. A password protected login will be required so we will be sending you your own personalised login details by email so look out for it in your inbox very soon!

Please contact us at if you don’t receive your login details or if you have any questions on how it all works. We hope you benefit from this new functionality.