The NEW 316ST Roller is sizzling this summer!

Stylish stainless steel right on the mark!

Market feedback indicated that there was a need for a roller that complemented contemporary garden and pool settings. As Australia’s Favourite, we responded with the release of a brand shining new stainless steel roller that has already become a favourite in itself.

Designed to complement the modern pool setting, the new 316ST roller is a stylish choice to any backyard.

With pre-orders (taken from 1 November), and with supplies in stock, we have been busy filling orders Australia-wide – just in time for the Christmas rush! Don’t miss out – it’s a great Christmas gift idea and a reason to upsell.

For more information, download the brochure or check it out on the website. Catch up with your Daisy Area Manager to place orders for the new 316ST roller.

Local Area Managers

New Roller – 316ST – available 1st November 2016

The new 316ST roller is right on trend with its stainless steel look to match any modern and stylish setting. Modern and yet sophisticated, the 316ST roller is a perfect match with the Titanium range of pool covers to compliment the most contemporary pool settings.

It features:

  • 50mm x 25mm frame
  • 385mm diameter stainless steel hand wheel
  • 5 Star aluminium pre manufactured tube assembly
  • cover attachments and an over cover
  • full 10 year pro rata warranty.

When style meets sales.

The 316ST roller is a perfect reason to upsell. Just a small step up price point-wise from our standard rollers, it’s RRP $825 (4.6m) makes it an easy upsell. Higher price points, higher sales!
316st-pool-rollerNew range and codes:

  • 40316ST $825.00
  • 43316ST $825.00
  • 46316ST $825.00
  • 49316ST $879.00
  • 52316ST $879.00
  • 55316ST $879.00
  • 58316ST $879.00
  • 61316ST $879.00
  • 64316ST $879.00

Stay informed!  CATCH UP with your Daisy Area Manager to find out more about the new 316ST roller.


Local Area Managers


Note: 316 stainless steel in certain environments can get a discolouring mould appearing on the surface that may look like rust (especially indoors in high chlorine or low air flow). This discolouration is not rust. Rust is a red oxide on the surface that flakes off, whereas the mould can be washed and scrubbed off with a light bleach and non-abrasive kitchen cloth sourer. If stainless steel is scratched, the marks will not affect the performance of the product. Scratches and marks are not covered under the warranty.

Ducks or No Ducks!

Cute or messy?

At certain times around Australia, we’ll see beautiful wild ducks flying over our properties. And some of these ducks even call our pools home!

Cute? Hmmm… anyone who has had the unfortunate experience of even a single pair of ducks moving in will tell you they make one heck of a mess!

Duck excrement will dramatically change your pool chemistry. If the ducks swim in your pool, you will notice fairly quickly just how dramatic the change can be. They also tend to make your pool surrounds very messy and unpleasant.

And once the ducks have found your pool, they will keep coming back…until you do something about it.

A pool cover will stop ducks!

It is that simple! Place a pool cover over your pool, whether it be a solar pool cover or a WinterKleen cover, and as long as the water is covered the ducks will stop visiting. They will fly to another home and leave you in peace…apart from the big mess they might have left you!

Check out our range of Daisy Pool Covers.