Daisy keeps prices to Daisy Experts down for another year

With the peak summer months approaching, we all want to increase sales … but not costs!

Daisy is on your side.

Working hard behind the scenes, our operations and supply teams had a clear focus despite cost increases – that is to hold our pricing to you for another year. We’ve done it!

At Daisy, we have committed to maintaining our current pricing level to all Daisy Experts, despite a number of factors that have put pressure on us, including increasing aluminium prices, increasing labour costs along with freight rises and many other ancillary costs.

Looking forward, always.

Innovation, efficiencies and service have always been our hallmark. We like to look forward with constant development and improvement to build the market share and volumes that in turn builds economies of scale into the business. This not only results in innovation but helps us to offset increased costs.

With the introduction and fantastic response of the new Under Bench Roller and the pre-cut pool cover service and dig template parts of the business having increased substantially, we have been able to generate the volume to be able hold the pricing for another year.

Thanks for the support. We are all looking forward to another a great season!

Just leave a quote…

Let your customers know you supply pool covers

In today’s digital world, the old saying ‘look after your customer or someone else will’ could not be more true!

Today’s consumer is more educated and has more information at their fingertips so as a service orientated industry we must constantly tell them what we do, along with what we can do for them.

A lesson learnt a few years ago was in the drought era, when a customer walks in-store – unless you 100% know that they have a pool cover – you would offer them one. Along with most savvy service people, when they turned up onsite, if there was not a pool cover there they would simply leave a quote for one.

The people that adopted this mentality would sell a whole lot more pool covers and rollers than those that waited for their customers to find out about covers and ask them.

Today we don’t have the same drought but the theory does not change, let you customers know regularly what products and services you have available… you don’t want them ‘finding’ a product you supply elsewhere as this is a fast way to lose a good customer, so keep informing them by word of mouth, emails, SMS or even simply by leaving a quote.

A great way some people achieve this is by having a product of the month, whether it be a Daisy pool cover, a pool cleaner, monthly onsite service or anything else make sure everyone who has any contact with the consumer all offer the product of the month, just a way to keep your customer informed what you do and to open conversations to help you sell more.

Want to have a further conversation about this?

Contact Derek at the Admin Centre derek@daisypoolcovers.com.au  or your local Area Managers:

Lee lee@daisypoolcovers.com.au
Brett brett@daisypoolcovers.com.au
John john@daisypoolcovers.com.au

How much for a pool cover?

Daisy Expert best answer: What are you trying to achieve?

This #1 question from our customers only has one reply… That’s great, so what are you trying to achieve?

Before we blindly quote a price, it is up to us as Experts to find out what solution our customer is after by spending time with them to find out what they really want.

After all that’s what they are looking for and are coming in to your store to ask for advice… not the cheapest price!

Quality time spent together to gather enough information to provide solutions is how to win sales. No, we don’t mean at the cost of driving price down; it’s so we can be on the same wave length as our customer.

Ask questions! Query your customer to find out their desires or problems so you can tailor your response and recommendation. By doing this, you will have your customer saying ‘yes, I want that one’ before any price is mentioned.

Query your customer until they divulge what they want, they don’t know how to buy from you so the ‘how much for a pool cover’ question is not asking you to give a dollar amount, it is a question stating that they have a need for something from us and now it is up to us to fulfil that need or desire.

Want to know more, ask your Daisy Area Manager for some upskill training and techniques to assist you in getting sales over the line, or call the Admin Centre on 1300551811 or hello@daisypoolcovers.com.au

So easy to quote

3 rules for quoting customers

Your customers look to you as being the Expert who can offer them the right solution to their specific pool-related problem. Experience tells us that when you give a tailored, decisive solution and an accurate quote, it increases your chance of converting sales.

As a start, it’s always important to ask your customer about their issue or desires first, listen to what they have to say and then address their concerns while providing them with an accurate quote.

Daisy has made quoting pool covers so easy! We use square meter pricing! All you have to do is measure the pool, then multiply the length by the width, and then by the square meter price. Learn about our best practice rules for quoting customers.

Square meter pricing – a quick guide

So a Series 3 pool cover for a 6.3 x 2.2 meter pool is: 6.3 x 2.2 x $9.55 = $132.36 retail price (RRP) for the pool cover.

At Daisy, we can do any size so even a Series 8 cover for a 16.4 x 6.6m pool is the same: 16.4 x 6.6 x $16.80 = $1,818.43 RRP.

Customers look to you for the solution. Here’s what to do: 

3 rules when quoting

  1. Simply ask what they are trying to achieve, listen, and then address their concerns and desires with your solution. Giving them the time to listen and the tailored solution removes any price objections.
  2. Supply solutions and pricing when you are quoting.
  3. Get used to being able to price any pool cover by knowing the m2 price of even just the Series 8… $16.80 m2.

Expert Tip:

When ordering, please just give us the pool size to make the pool cover without adding in any extra to allow for trimming the pool cover. Daisy adds on extra material in the length and width to give ample material to trim to the pool shape.

Daisy’s first price rise in four years

At Daisy, we stand by our products and have always done our best to keep our retail pricing highly competitive through efficiencies and innovation.

For four years we’ve managed not to increase our pricing to you, even absorbing raw material increases and rising freight costs when we knew times were challenging.

This year however, we’ve had to raise our prices slightly by 2.5%. We hope this has minimum impact to you.

Stay informed! Feel free to catch up with your Daisy Area Manager to keep up to date with our initiatives and to see if we can assist you in any way.

No Price Rise for Daisy Quality Products

Good news for you… our hard work has paid off!

We’re pleased to advise there is no price rise for Daisy domestic and commercial covers and rollers AGAIN this year.

We have been working hard to maintain last year’s prices as part of our commitment to supplying you and your customers with Daisy Quality products at competitive prices.

Helping you sell more, more easily! Despite incurring raw material price rises and the ever increasing freight charges, we are able to maintain our prices to you for our core products through our work operationally. It’s all about continuous improvement to keep us as #1 in Australia.

In the next month however, we will have to increase only the Berlin and Venice roller prices (and WA Showcase install) – we’ll let you know the details soon.