Stylish + Practical UBR… Now Energised!

The Under Bench Roller now available in four modern colours… and with the convenience of an electric roller!

Fast becoming a must-have in many Aussie backyards, the Daisy Power UBR is a swimming pool cover roller with a difference – a stylish and practical difference.

It’s a seat, it hides away the roller, its modern and it’s powered! What more can you want!

Daisy Power Under Bench Roller – features include:

  • Full aluminium frame and seating with stainless steel hardware
  • Included solar panel, AC charger, two remotes, tube disengage and mounted control buttons
  • Pool cover attachment kit
  • 10 year pro rata warranty*
  • Custom made to any pool size.


Available in Four Stylish Colours

The UBR is available in Anodised Aluminium, Western Red Cedar and Light Oak… plus now the UBR also comes in the ultra-sleek and modern Charcoal Shimmer!

The new Charcoal Shimmer UBR fits into any back yard – it’s a stand out in lush greenery or against a limestone backdrop, it blends in beautifully with pool fences or it can be a statement piece against glass and stainless steel. Simply stunning!

Not to be forgotten are the wood look colours and the highly modern aluminium – all there for the perfect match to any stylish setting!

The Perfect Fit

And there’s more … the UBR is custom made to fit any size pool. Simply measure up and we’ll do the rest.

Contact us to find out more!



SPASA & Daisy – Working for the Pool Industry

Daisy is a proud supporter and member of the Swimming Pool and Spa Association (SPASA); a body committed to improving and protecting the welfare of the entire swimming pool & spa industry.

Years of research and experience have been the foundation of our market leadership in Australia, supported by our accreditations and awards. Being a part of the SPASA means that Daisy is accredited to help train, educate and promote through the industry and the consumer community.

One example of how we do this is by attending the Pool & Spa Expos. In early February, we attended the SPASA Pool & Spa Expo in Melbourne providing us with the opportunity to meet and share with our Daisy network of retailers our latest products, provide tips and help in all areas including challenging installs and assisting with some tricky quotes too.

Daisy will be attending the SPASA Pool and Spa Expos in Sydney in March and Brisbane in May. Come over and say hi!

Daisy to Exhibit SPASA Pool & Spa Expos Nationally

Helping our clients to sell more will be the focus of Daisy’s exhibits. We will be at the Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland shows showcasing new and key products, answering any questions, providing sales tips and assisting with quotes.

You can find us at:
SPASA Pool and Spa Expo (Vic) February 2 – 4
SPASA Pool Spa and Outdoor Living Expo (NSW) March 3 – 4
Pool Spa and Outdoor Living Expo (QLD) May 26 – 27

We don’t sell direct to the public but we do support our retailers on the ground with brochures, POS, promotions, online and social marketing and more! At the SPASA shows, we will be showcasing new and key products, and will have our experts on hand to help you upsell and close sales!

Ask us for help with quotes, product information or even just come over to say hello! Get handy hints on what to upsell and when (like a refit kit or a new white over cover).

Just another way Daisy helps you sell more. See you soon! <3

December 2017 Daisy Dab winner announced!

Troy Douglas wins the Parrot Drone and pool supplies for the best December Daisy Dab! Troy not only got his team mates at work (Contemporary Landscaping) to join in the DAB but he generated the most votes.

Lee Schatkowski from Daisy presented Troy with his Parrot Drone 2.0 and $200 worth off pool accessories that he will be spending at Leisure Pools Sunshine Coast!

Troy was very happy with his prize, saying he always supports Daisy and he really enjoyed getting the Contemporary Landscaping and Leisure Pools teams involved in the Daisy competition!

It is still a very close call who will win the grand summer prize so keep your votes rolling in… The entry with the most votes on February 14 will win an iPhone8 or Samsung Galaxy8! Click to view all entries and vote here.

Here you can see Troy and Lee practicing their Daisy Dab.


From unusual installs, to spectacular backyards, Daisy Experts have covered a lot of ground around Australia showcasing challenging, interesting and even unusual installs of pool covers and rollers.

The Daisy Gallery shares a vast variety of past installs in both commercial and domestic pools, with all sorts of our pool covers, WinterKleens and rollers including End Mounts, Daisy Power and the Under Bench Rollers. We have even seen an AGA roller on one end over an embankment with a standard ST on the other end!

Shared inspiration

We love to showcase all the different installations to show the diversity of Daisy and in turn, provide inspiration to help you sell more.

From super thin lap pools, weird shaped pools, bridges built over pools, two covers and rollers on one pool, intricately designed pools, along with beautiful locations and more… share your installs and inspire!


Take a photo of your installs and share! Send it to us we’ll share it on Instagram and Facebook, as well as place it in our Daisy Gallery.

Alternatively, post your photos on our Facebook page, tag us on Instagram or email us @  We love seeing your work – KEEP BRAGGING!

What’s Trending in Backyards

When style meets innovation

Gone are the days where pool covers and rollers only came in one colour and style option, and too bad if they didn’t suit your backyard!

For over 30 years, Daisy Pool Covers and Rollers have led the industry by constantly innovating with new, on-trend products that fit the bill for Aussie backyards.

With a focus on design and style, we’ve come a long way from the standard white roller and blue pool covers. Aussie families don’t have to compromise their stylish backyards if they want a pool cover or roller.  Today, Daisy has so many options in colour, style, and shape – you can essentially customise your roller and cover to your own back yard!

For example, Daisy’s recently released hot new stainless steel 316ST Rollers are designed to complement the modern pool setting of any backyard. Then of course there is the newly released Daisy Under Bench Roller. It is practical with its multiple uses – a seat and a roller – adding style poolside and is available in three modern colours in aluminium, wood-look finishes. Combined with a titanium blue or green pool cover and well, we’ve got style!

Daisy is constantly reinventing the wheel and looking at new styles and trends that will transform your backyard, lifestyle and the way your entertain.  Explore our website and keep coming back for something new – we love our Daisy but we’re biased!

Get a quote or talk to your local pool expert for more inspiration!

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Since the introduction of the new Daisy Under Bench Roller we have not only received tremendous support and sales, we have also received heaps of photos and shares on Facebook and Instagram. We love seeing you showing off just how great the UBR looks installed…and how good your work is as well.

Snap. Share. Socialise… Sales.

There’s nothing like a photo to get a great visual impression showing the diversity of pools we cover and to showcase great projects.

From progress shots to the finished product, promote your Daisy Expert work. The straight forward and ‘easy’ pools are just as important as the tricky ones. Upload your photos and tag us #daisypoolcovers so we can share and engage with you more to increase your profile and share your work. We’ll of course credit you for the photos!

Check out some of our domestic, commercial and WinterKleen install photos here.

If you’re not active on social media, you can also send photos to your local Daisy Area Manager by phone, or email your photos.

Summer 2017 in full swing!

The exceptional uptake of the new Under Bench Roller has been astounding and looking great for 2017 with each UBR custom made to fit each pool’s size and shape.

It’s been a challenge but our amazing team have made sure that UBR deliveries will be maintained to plan in line with our pool cover production which is already in full summer production.


Orders are showing no signs of slowing down and we have moved extra resources into place so supply will not be interrupted. Whilst the UBR may be a week or two of slow delivery nearing the end of October or early November, we are aiming to keep any disruptions in supply to an absolute minimum. With the ramp up of production, we expect the flow to be consistent from November onwards.

Our commitment to our retailers and our end customer is unwavering and we have production in place to maintain our high level of service and supply for of all Daisy products.

Another way Daisy helps you sell more!

Introducing the Daisy Under Bench Roller

‘Front Row Seating!’

Available Now!

Sip on a drink, watch the kids or just look good poolside, the Daisy Under Bench Roller ticks all the boxes including no more burnt bodies from sitting on hot pavers!

Good looking and practical!

It’s practical as it has multiple uses (a seat and a roller); it adds style poolside as it hides the roller; and its fits the contemporary styling for all backyards – what more can you ask for!

Available in three modern colours, the aluminium or wood-look finishes will look great in any Aussie backyard.

The Daisy Under Bench Roller features:

  • full aluminium frame and seating with stainless steel hardware’
  • seating planks with a choice of anodised aluminium or wood look powder coated’ aluminium in Light Oak or Western Red Cedar;
  • pool cover attachment kit; and
  • 10 year pro rata warranty.

Get a quote on the new Daisy Under Bench Roller or talk to your local pool expert about the best one for you.

Daisy Under Bench Roller is a hot seller

What a launch!

Recently released, the new Daisy Under Bench Roller has been selling fast … in the middle of winter!

Set to be this summer’s hottest seller!

With summer just around the corner, it’s a perfect time to focus on a high selling and on trend product to max your sales. To help you sell more, here are some answers we have put together to some FAQs.

  1. Custom made: We custom make every Under Bench Roller to suit the pool. That’s right, order the UBR to the right pool measurements and we custom build the unit to suit.
  2. Two easy price points: For all 3 colour models, there is a price for a UBR to suit a pool width up to 2.8m and another price for over 2.85m and up to 6.0 meters wide.
  3. How to price: It’s simple! For example – if you have a 4.0m wide pool, the price is for the large size (up to 6.0m) but Daisy will make the UBR seat 4.5m long with a tube length 4.25m long. We are trying to make it as easy as possible for you to sell and for your customers to get exactly what they need
  4. C sections: The small size (up to 2.8m pool) has 1 centre C section while the large size has 2 centre C sections
  5. Height and weight: The UBR has a standard seating height 510mm and is 505mm wide
  6. The hand wheel can be mounted on either size
  7. It can be installed up to 1 meter away from the pool
  8. There are three colour combinations of leg and bench:
    • Clear Anodised seat bench with powder coated anodic colour frames and seat end caps
    • Light Oak wood look powder coated aluminium seat bench with powder coated black colour frames and seat end caps
    • Western Red Cedar wood look powder coated aluminium seat bench with powder coated black colour frames and seat end caps

      The winner! The Western Red Cedar has been the most popular since the release to date.

  9. No Over Cover is needed. The seating planks fully protect the pool cover from the sun
  10. The UBR is supplied fully drilled ready to assemble in a flat pack. Installation requires bolting the unit together and then to the ground. We supply the masonry drill bit and anchors to bolt it down
  11. Dispatch is normally within 4 working days, not the normal next working day. If there is a pool cover with the UBR all items will be dispatched together
  12. Want power – stand by! It’s in the pipeline with the timing tbc
  13. Retro fit? The UBR is custom made to the pool size and the tube needs to fit correctly between the frames, so unfortunately it can’t be retro fitted
  14. Demos are available at a cost recovery price. If you are interested contact your Daisy Area Manager


Thanks to those who have already sent through photos after installation. We use these photos and Facebook posts to promote the product and also your business, so please keep sending photos through or tag us @Daisy Pool Covers on your Facebook posts.