Interesting Installations #2

In the lead up to December the team was busy out there installing new pool covers and rollers all around Australia. Some are straightforward, others are more of a challenge and we love that!


container pool with Daisy roller mounted

Daisy SQ Roller mounted on a Sea Container Pool.

Adjustable Roller Pre Cut ThermoTech Green

A pre-cut ThermoTech Green cover in two parts installed on a Daisy Power roller with adjustable leg.

Commercial Wall Mount Power CaddyWM

A Commercial Wall Mount Power - Caddy WM.

Roller Length of Pool

Roller installed along the length of the pool due to odd shape.

Daisy Power Adjustable leg hinged TTG green foam

The pre-cut ThermoTech Green cover rolled up on the Daisy Power roller.

525B MKII Faulconbridge NSW fold step in before rolling

525B Solar Cover with an MKII Roller and fold out cover area for step.

Ready to Swim?

Winter has (finally!) broken and Spring has sprung!

After such a long winter, we may be now gazing towards the swimming pool wondering how long before we can jump in and enjoy a swim in the nice hot weather. There may even be a few of us wondering what chemical experiment is laying out there waiting for us!

One way to prepare for the swimming season is to call your local and trusted pool expert to get them to do a pre-season service to have your pool ready to swim in without any hassle.

If the buck stops at you … then let’s get out there this weekend and get it sorted!

If you have a Daisy WinterKleen pool cover you’re pretty well on your way to uncovering a pristine clean pool (that is a product plug for those that didn’t get it 😉 )

  1. Before we do anything to the pool water, let’s clean up the back yard around the pool. Make sure the pool area is clear of all leaves dirt and debris.
  2. If you have a pool cover, remove, clean and store it correctly. Then scoop out all the floating material you can.
  3. Check the water level. Make sure the water level is correct – half way up the skimmer box is normal for most pools.

Tip#1: After a lot of rain regardless of the season the pool water chemistry will be diluted. Always check the chemical levels after big rainfalls.

  1. If you have a salt water pool, make sure your cell is clean.
  2. Turn on your pump and filter system, make sure no off-season damage has occurred. Look for visual signs of leakage and generally make sure your whole system works the way it normally does. Leave it running for 8–10 hours.
  3. Now is the time to get out the cleaner and get to work.
  4. Check the chemical levels – it’s usually easier, cheaper and safer to take a water sample to your local pool shop for an expert to water test it. They give great advice on how to properly balance your water chemistry to get it out of the ‘winter blues’ into the ‘hello summer’ mode!

Tip#2: Make sure you take the water sample from elbow depth down. It is important that the chemistry of pool water is correctly measured at around 400mm below the surface of the water. Taking samples from the top of the pool will give incorrect readings that may well result in incorrect advice.

  1. Finally make sure your pool is safe, that the fence is secure, the gate is self-closing, there are no climbable objects outside the fence, any handrails into the pool are secure, and have a first aid kit handy and resuscitation board visible.

Remember if you need a hand, your local pool expert is there to help. They have the experience to check your pool and equipment to make sure it is fit to swim in. You may even find it cheaper and easier to get the experts in to check it all for you.

Happy Swimming!

If you need any assistance with your pool, check in with one of our Daisy Experts for advice.

Daisy Releases New Year Book and New Range

Simplified pool cover range. Three grades to suit your clients. 

2015-16 has continued to be a progressive and successful year for Daisy and again, we would like to thank you for your support.

We are about to send you a suite of new Daisy printed collateral, including the new 2016/17 Yearbook and brochures that come into effect from 1st August 2016 .

Easier and more stylish! Daisy has upgraded and simplified the solar pool cover range to an entry level, mid-range and the new 525 top of the line choice.

The new Daisy pool cover range:

  1. The 525 range – top of the range, it replaces the Series 8 (500um).  5% thicker at 525 um, when purchased at an Expert (physical) store, it will be backed with an additional two year warranty, taking it to an industry leading 10 year pro rata warranty. This will only available when purchased from a Daisy Expert outlet; online purchases in this range will carry the standard 8 year pro rata warranty

The 525 range will be available in our popular colours, Blue (525B), and our stylish Titanium Blue (525TB), Titanium Green (525TG) and Titanium Cool (525TC).

  1. The 400 range – (400B) mid-range, this remains unchanged and well-priced with a five year pro rata warranty
  1. The 250 range – (250B) our entry level range, it still offers great Daisy quality. This has been upgraded from the Series 3 from 200um to 250um, offering a solid lifespan and all the benefits of a quality, budget style, entry level pool cover with a three year pro rata warranty.

Did you notice the new names now directly reflect the micron thickness – easy!

Yearbook 2016-17 ready for release!

The new Daisy Yearbook that comes into effect 1st August 2016 will have it all covered and be accessible via the Daisy Resource Centre.  We hope that it continues to be a helpful guide!

Need more info?  Catch up with your Daisy Area Manager to keep in touch with our initiatives or check out our Resource Centre on the Daisy website. It has all the new brochures and Yearbook digitally.

New Products for 2016/17

Love new things to sell! We have a new cover for above ground pools, DIY rollers and more!

We’re here to help you sell more and what’s better than some new add-ons and products. From a new above ground pool cover option, to a new easy to install DIY rollers range, we have loads of new products that keep the conversation going with your customers. 

A new cover for above ground pools – that’s a quality leaf cover option!

Previously offering the PoolKap as the only option for the above ground pool market, Daisy is excited to introduce the WinterKap, a quality new option made from the same material as the very popular WinterKleen cover.

Similar to a shower cap, this cover is used for free standing, above ground pools as a cap to go over the top. The WinterKap is approximately 400mm larger than the PoolKap and is secured by a shock cord that is thread through eyelets around the edge of the cover. There are also floats available to help keep the centre of the cover out of the water if needed. See page 17 of the Daisy Yearbook for pricing.

WinterKleen – Black has joined Blue and Green as a standard product

Black is cool! Now you have a choice of three colours to sell in this range and it looks great!


A new DIY roller range

The new easy to install 5 Star DIY roller range uses an innovative pool cover roller tube design to make it a truly simple pre-manufactured roller that can suit a variety of standard pool sizes.

With a maximum length of 2.5m, the DIY tube set is supplied pre drilled and marked for quick and easy installation. All stainless steel screw holes for joining the tube and end slug installation are marked red, whilst all feather plug holes are marked white.

All 5 Star roller models have the DIY option and come in small (SM) for the majority of pools that need a roller up to 4.6m in length, or large (LG) for pools of up to 6.4m in roller length.

The new 5 Star A100 roller, upgrade of the UTC75 and the reintroduction of the UTC100

The new A100 roller comes as an extension to the current A75 range for the larger pools.

With the introduction of the DIY rollers, the tube set for the UTC75 has been upgraded to the new DIY style and will suit pools up to 12.0m long by 4.3m wide.

The UTC100 has been reintroduced for a cost effective option for larger pools. It features a three piece 100mm roller tube for tube lengths of up to 6.4m long, suiting pools of up to 15m long by 6.1m wide.

The new Yearbook that comes into effect 1st August 2016 will have it all covered. Check it out here.

Product Update – Pricing Changes

New products. New warranties. New pricing.

At Daisy, we work hard to keep any price movement to a minimum without compromising quality.

With new products come new warranties and new pricing – up, down and unchanged! Daisy will always aim to deliver value for money. Our new and improved products will have new prices but the add-on and value will be there for your customers. Whether it’s better materials, or logistics, our focus is delivering the best product in the most cost efficient way.

With the release of our new Yearbook and loads of new products and ranges, you’ll notice that much of the Daisy range will be available for the same cost or even at a price reduction!

Products with no price increase:

  • The 400 solar pool cover range
  • 5 Star rollers
  • Daisy Showcase range including Daisy Power, Berlin and Venice
  • All available parts.

Products with a price change:

  • 525 Range – with the main cost of the product in the actual material, we’ve worked hard not to pass on the full 5% increase in materials by moving the range from a 500um to a 525um range. We are limiting the price increase by less than 4%.  Titanium costs a lot more to produce, however with the exceptional uptake of this release, we have been able to keep the price difference to a minimum of only 2.285% for a much more advanced and attractive product
  • 250 Range – offering 25% more in thickness, there is a marginal 3.67% price increase
  • 5 Star – the 4.9m and 5.2m roller sizes have been moved into the large roller price bracket
  • ThermoTech Foam – with the increase raw materials pricing, we’ve had to pass on a part of it resulting in a 1.5% price increase
  • WinterKleen – with product improvements with the attachment cord and fitting style, as well as an increase in the costs of raw materials, we’ve had to increase the price by 5%
  • Buddy 50 and UTCAG 50 rollers – the new DIY pre drilling of rollers will see 2% increase
  • UTC75 – price reduced by 7.2%.


Daisy has one of the best track records in the industry in getting your orders to you quickly and on time!

Shipping large cubic items around Australia, we have always subsidised the cost of freight. And we like to keep it this way for you and your customers! However for non-metro areas, unfortunately we will have to pass on the increase in the cost of freight by 5% – this is a direct cost from the freight companies.

There will also be a long length surcharge of $75.00 + GST on fixed length rollers over 6.5m, regardless of location and other delivery charges. Fortunately, this will affect very few customers. We’ve kept the increase at a minimum and it’s a simple cost recovery for expenses incurred by Daisy when sending tubes outside the standard range.

If you need further information or have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact your Daisy Area Manager.

How to find us

Local Area Managers

Admin Centre


What Do I Do With My Pool Over Winter?

The age old question of what to do with my pool when it’s not being used. 

Well you have two main options

  1. Forget about it and let it turn into a frog pond until it warms up again or
  2. Keep it clean!

The most economical way to maintain your pool is by continuing to look after it. It will save you a lot of time, money and effort in the long run. Anything else is a false economy!

When summer returns, you’ll have to spend even more time and money to bring back the science experiment that was created in your pool by ignoring it over winter!

Some easy suggestions to help you through the winter months –

Firstly, keep safe.

  • Always add chemicals to water in a bucket and never add water to chemicals
  • Never mix different chemicals together
  • Always read chemical labels and follow their advice.

Cleaning your pool

  • Remove all floating debris by scooping and vacuuming
  • Clean your filtration equipment
  • Empty baskets, skimmer & pump lint pot
  • Clean your filter
    • Backwash the sand filter; or
    • Hose out the cartridge filter; or
    • Take apart the D/E filter and clean; and
    • Clean chlorinator cell if required.

Re-balancing chemicals. Adjust the alkalinity level to between 80-120ppm.

  • To increase the alkalinity, add sodium bicarbonate to the pool (never more than two kilos per day)
  • The re-balancing of alkalinity (to lower levels) will be addressed when re-balancing the pH levels.

Adjust pH to between 7.2-7.6

  • To reduce the pH Level, add pool acid (no more than 500mls at a time)
  • To increase the pH Level, add soda ash.

Super chlorinate your pool

  • Remove your pool cover and only replace after the chlorine has returned to normal range
  • Shock dose your pool with 500gms of granular chlorine for a 50,000 litre pool (or 10 litres of liquid chlorine).

Add algaecide

  • Add a long life algaecide, at the recommended dosage, to the specific volume of pool water.

Run your pool filtration equipment

  • Run for at least eight hours to thoroughly mix chemicals during the process of re-balancing
  • Adjust the filter timer to operate between 3-4 hours per day to maintain over the winter.

Use a pool cover!

  • If installing a pool cover over winter, wait until the chlorine level has reduced to between 2-3ppm.
  • Reduce the Chlorine Production Output (CPO on your chlorinator). The pool cover will maintain 90% of the chlorine (produced by your chlorinator) in the pool, as opposed to loosing 70% of chlorine in an uncovered pool. A pool cover is really worth it!
  • Check the chlorine level after one week. If the result is between 2- 3ppm, you will only need to check levels every two weeks thereafter.  If the level is higher, you will need to reduce the chlorine production (via CPO) and re-check levels one week later.
  • Check and adjust the pH level every two weeks.
  • The water level must sit half way up the skimmer box. Don’t forget that you will need to drain water out of your pool after rain.
  • Don’t ever completely drain your pool as hydrostatic pressure can cause serious damage – even to the extent of having pools ‘pop’ out of the ground!

Keep an eye on the pool every few weeks, remove any floating debris and even vacuum! With just a bit of time and a watchful eye over the winter months, you will save you a lot when the summer comes along! And it will be ready for you!

If you need any assistance with your pool, check in with one of our Daisy Experts for advice.