Swim earlier, for longer and more often!

Swimming in warm pool

If you’re a pool owner without a Daisy, why not get yourself one?

A Daisy pool cover will have you swimming earlier by warming and insulating your pool water.

Most Daisy owners find that they can start swimming at least a month earlier than their Daisy-less cousins without a pool cover. And that’s not to mention the extra hours of swimming each day.

Without a pool cover a lot of us can get a bit chilly when the sun goes down and the pool water loses a lot of temperature as well. By having a Daisy on your pool during the day, it warms up the water nicely so that removing it for a late night swim easily becomes a very enjoyable swimming experience.

A pool cover also reduces the water loss due to evaporation. No your pool does not have a hole in it; the sun and especially wind evaporation can tear water out of your pool at an alarming rate without it covered. With a Daisy in place there is next to no evaporation.

If you are still reading this and need another reason to buy a Daisy, then of course there are the chemicals. A Daisy will reduce the chemical loss and even help keep your pool a bit cleaner.

If you haven’t already, go to your local Daisy Expert and demand one of Australia’s favourite pool covers. Find an Expert will help you check out where your nearest Daisy retailer store is.