Standing by Daisy with our Warranties

New warranty registration area – making it easier for you and our customers!

At Daisy, we stand by our quality product. We hope our customers love their Daisy as much as we do. Just in case anything goes wrong we’re here to help them.

All Daisy products come with a pro-rata warranty and are dispatched with love from our warehouse with a Warranty Form along with care and maintenance instructions for all our customers.

By the end of May, we will be shipping out all Daisy products with forms to ask them to register their Daisy Pool Cover or Roller to make it easy for any future claims. Just in case.

It’s going to be easy. Just visit our website and register!

What’s in it for our customers?

By registering and uploading a copy of their proof of purchase, we’ll be able to locate their purchase in a heartbeat. And we’re away helping them at lighting speed. That’s the Daisy service we want to give.

They don’t risk losing their paperwork and worrying about where it is years later.

What’s in it for you our Experts?

In the unlikely case that you have anyone coming in for a claim, you can contact us at Daisy and we’re onto it for you. We’re here to help you.

Helping you sell more! It will also allow us the opportunity to connect with customers and offer them useful pool tips on how to best use their Daisy and maintain their pool for the upcoming season. Watch out for the new Daisy Quarterly Pool Tips eNewsletter.

Check out ‘Register Your Warranty’.

Tell your customers not to forget to register their warranty as of now!
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More on Daisy Pool Cover Warranties:

  • Our warranties are pro-rata month by month and the length of period differs from product to product.
  • Daisy will pay for the amount of time, up to the maximum warranty period, your customer does not achieve the desired results from their pool cover.
  • Your customer pays for the period of time during which they used the product.
  • Our warranties are not redeemable for cash, only as a discount on a replacement cover purchase.
  • Quick summary of our pro-rata warranty coverage:
    • S3 Series 3 (200um) UltraDomeTM            3 Years
    • S4 Series 4 (300um) UltraDomeTM            4 Years
    • S5 Series 5 (400um) UltraDomeTM            5 Years
    • S8 Series 8 (500um) UltraDomeTM            8 Years
    • ThermoTech 3mm Foam                            8 Years
  • What if they haven’t registered their warranties with us? Not a problem. The old system of providing your proof of purchase will work. We will not shy away from any quality issues we have. Never have and never will!