SPASA Australia Hosts Heating Sector Meeting

Daisy Pool Covers Managing Director Derek Prince attended the SPASA Australia heating sector meeting in February. The meeting included respected industry leaders who all agreed to help formulate fact sheets so consumers can make better informed decisions regarding pool heating.

“As a SPASA Australia stakeholder, it is so important for Daisy to represent the industry on important changes and consumer information while being a strong voice to advocate pool covers,” said Derek.

People, whether in the industry or external, will make up their own minds regardless of facts, and we need this industry to stand together to advocate common standards and benchmarks so that we can advise governing bodies and on industry benchmarks, facts and standards.

Derek volunteered for a pool cover working group that will work with SPASA and industry stakeholders to develop industry benchmarks for all pool covers and to create informative fact sheets for the industry to utilise. This work will be the foundation of new standards and common communication to consumers, governments (local and national) and industry regulators.

With the absence of informative industry publications within SPASA Australia, vocal people are finding it easy to have their say on matters of importance, without having any real knowledge of the facts. Now is the time to get it right and set some important benchmarks.

For more information on the Heating Sector meeting click here.