Daisy Dam Covers

Daisy Dam Covers

Daisy Dam Covers stop water evaporation by 99.98%^ where the cover is on the water. Generally, Daisy recommends using the Dam Cover across most of the dam surface area and letting it float around, not covering all of the dam so that water can still flow in without flooding the cover, debris inflow is uninhibited, livestock can still access the water as well as allowing rain to drain off the cover and into the dam.

With the specially formulated white top for reflection and opaque black underside the Daisy Dam Covers stop evaporation and light entering the dam where the covers are in place, reducing algae and saving water.

Daisy Dam Covers are also great for use on water tanks. They can reduce algae and clear slime out of water tanks. The total sun blockout of the Daisy Dam Cover material means that you will not only stop evaporation, but also reducing (or even stopping in some cases) the growth of algae.

Just one segment of the Dam Cover measuring 5.24m x 5.24m can save 175L* of water per day, saving water for 50 sheep per day or 2.9 cattle per day**.

Daisy Dam Covers come in the following standard sizes

5.24 x 5.24m | $344
(Saving 175L* water per day, saving water for 50 sheep per day or 2.9 cattle per day**)

5.24 x 10m | $590
(Saving 335L* per water day = saving water for 95 sheep per day or 5.5 cattle per day**)

5.24 x 20m | $1,108
(Saving per 670L* water per day = saving water for 191 sheep per day or 11.1 cattle per day**)

5.24 x 30m | $1,630
(Saving 1006L* water per day = saving water for 287 sheep per day or 16.7 cattle per day**)

Benefits of a dam cover

  • Save Water Icon

    Save Water

  • Stop evaporation Icon

    Stop evaporation

  • Total sunblock

    Total sunblock

  • Stop algae growth

    Stop algae growth

  • Australian made

    Australian made

Daisy Dam Covers are made in any size islands from 5.24m x 5.24m so that you can put the covers on and off the dam much easier.
Made from robust 600um material the Daisy Dam Covers are robust, but you must still be careful about anything sharp underneath the covers. A simple process makes it easy for any property owner to install: unfold, set up, tether together (if you wish) and then pull into place on the dam surface.

All Covers come fitted with special edging (wind-skirting) to pull all side of the cover just underwater so that wind can’t lift the covers off the dam.

Dam Covers can be made in almost any size or configuration, contact Daisy with dam size to get the best advice.

A recent customer has since had to order MORE Daisy Dam Covers and sent in the following feedback:
We are very happy with the tank covers. They were so easy to install and are working  well. We haven’t had to cut any holes in the covers to allow the water flow into the tanks and the water seems to run off and the cover stays afloat. They are working very well and certainly clearing all of the slime and algae out of our tanks. We have had great success with your covers, and have spread the word about these Dam Covers to other graziers!

Click here to view a recent installation of a Daisy Dam Cover.

*based on 6.4mm per day mean evaporation rate
**based on NSW Department of Primary Industries July 2014 Water Requirements for sheep and cattle primefact sheet
^ ASTM E96-2005 Water Vapour Transmission – Water Method Test

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All Daisy Dam Covers come with a 5 year pro rata warranty and an expected life span of 10 years.

Note: Rips and tears that have occurred after manufacturing (i.e. on site) are not a valid warranty claim

Daisy distributes pool covers and rollers nationwide from both the east and west coast of Australia. Once your order has been received, it will be dispatched within 48 hours.

With delivery schedules between two to five working days, you could be enjoying your new Daisy pool cover or roller in less than a week!*

*48 hours dispatch applies to standard domestic covers and rollers, not Commercial products, Under Bench Rollers or Below Ground Boxes. Peak period delay may occur.

We are more than happy to provide a refund should the goods you purchased be:

  • Faulty or unsafe
  • Do not match the sample or description
  • Do not do what we said it would
  • Do not do what you asked for

Our Returns Policy includes the rights you have under the Australian Consumer Law and provides you with additional benefits in addition to those rights, because your satisfaction is important to us.

What If I got the pool size wrong? If your goods remain boxed and unopened you may return them within 30 days from your original purchase date for a refund.

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