Daisy Dam Covers

Daisy Dam Covers will stop water evaporation by 99.98% where the cover is on the water. Daisy recommends using the Dam Cover across most of the dam surface area and letting if float around, but not covering all of the dam so that water can still flow in, and livestock can still access the water as well as allowing rain to drain off the cover and into the dam.

Just one segment of the Dam Cover measuring 5.24m x 5.24m cam save 175L of water per day, saving water for 50 sheep per day or 2.9 cattle per day.

Daisy Dam Covers are made in islands of 5.24m x 5.24m so that you can put the covers on and off the dam much easier.

All Covers come fitted with special edging (wind-skirting) to pull all side of the cover just underwater so that wind can’t lift the covers off the dam.

Daisy Dam Covers come in the following standard sizes

5.24 x 5.24m
(Saving 175L water per day, saving water for 50 sheep per day or 2.9 cattle per day)

5.24 x 10m
(Saving 335L per water day = saving water for 95 sheep per day or 5.5 cattle per day)

5.24 x 20m
(Saving per 670L water per day = saving water for 191 sheep per day or 11.1 cattle per day)

5.24 x 30m
(Saving 1006L water per day = saving water for 287 sheep per day or 16.7 cattle per day)

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Benefits of a Daisy Dam Cover
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